Now you see it


and now, you don’t!

no hole

Last Monday, we took Liberty back to the body shop in Algodones and let Jose and Enrique Navarro and their employees work their magic on the hole in the back that happened when the bus rolled into the corner of a porch in Colorado in June. Wednesday, they called to say that they were finished and we could come get her and bring her back. They did a great job at a great price and several days sooner than they had promised, so we were very happy.

In the meantime, LeRoy has been very busy. Any RVer knows that hookups are generally on the driver’s side of the RV.  Here on our new property, the sewer drain was on the proper side, but broken due to being driven over. Water was immediately behind the bus so you could only back in so far, and electricity was 8′ from the passenger’s side. With Liberty out of the way, LeRoy started trenching.


While he was moving every utility we have, he also added water and sewer for the stacking washer/dryer we bought for the casita. It still needs the 220 plug moved across the garage, but the other utilities are in place. In another day or two, you won’t know anything had ever been any other way.

The first day LeRoy was busy outside, I decorated for Christmas in the casita. We plan to invite our new neighbors and our other Yuma friends over one day soon for a Christmas open house.



LeRoy has been watching Craigslist and other local sale sites for a hot tub since we got here and he found one last week. Since we don’t have any way to move large objects, we were glad that the seller was willing to deliver. In Kansas, we have a small round two-person Softub in the barn. This one would hold our whole family, I think! It, too, needs a 220 plug in, so it will be a while. It needs some cleanup, so I’ll post a picture later.

On Friday, LeRoy decided to take a break from the task at hand and we went to look for garage sales. The very first stop we made turned out to be our last, because while the original sale wasn’t much, across the street we found a real deal and spent the rest of the day borrowing a friend’s SUV and trailer to move it home. It gives me a good vantage point for watching LeRoy work!


Several years ago in Tucson, we met a young woman who wanted to (and eventually did) buy a bus to travel with her children. Robyn and Layne and their family live in Winterhaven, CA now and they invited us over for a campfire Friday night. It was good to see them again. LeRoy went to El Centro, CA with Layne on Saturday to where their bus is stored to see if they could get it running again so they can sell it. Thanks to helpful friends on bus sites on Facebook, they succeeded! LeRoy’s never done engine work on the bus before, so it was new to him but I never doubted that they would make it work.

We’ve been attending an Assembly of God church since we got here this year. It is a nice sized church with two services in the winter when all the winter visitors arrive. We haven’t attended anything other than the Sunday worship services so far, but it feels comfortable. There is a Farmer’s Market in their parking lot on Wednesdays and we did go to that the first week we were here.

I think my computer is going to have to go see the Geek Squad. Yesterday, it wouldn’t let me do anything at all and today I can’t see my cursor when I’m on the internet. It shows up on anything local, just not online. Fortunately it has a touch screen, so I’ve been able to get a blog done anyway.

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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