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Beautiful day in the neighborhood

After a “cold” spell, we’re finally back to normal temperatures for Yuma. We have to admit, days in the 50s just aren’t why we come to Arizona in the winter! When the rest of the country is in the deep … Continue reading

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More progress!

After our annual bus rally in Quartzsite, LeRoy got busy attaching skirting to the house. One more hoop to jump through, this time to satisfy insurance underwriters. We just got back from dinner with Eagle friends from Missouri. I’ll write … Continue reading

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Our contractor is back and busy! Today, the heat pump was installed and tested. It works!! With one hiccup (the heat registers and air returns were hooked up backwards) it seems to do what we want it do, when we … Continue reading

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There’s something special about an Eagle bus conversion. Have you noticed that most Eagle conversions have names? That’s because there is a little bit of the owner/converter in each one that makes it unique. This bus, Dragonfly, is well known … Continue reading

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Water your cactus!

If you have a problem raising cacti and other succulents because you overwater them, the key is to watch the weather in Phoenix or Yuma. If it’s raining there, it’s okay to water your cactus! Yesterday afternoon and overnight, we’ve … Continue reading

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