Travel Port RV Park, Lake George, CO

I’d like to take you on a short tour of our home for the summer. We discovered Travel Port in the summer of 2012 when the Waldo Canyon fire encouraged us to move farther west from Woodland Park, where we had been staying. This quiet little park, where the camp hosts, owner and campers are more like a small community or family than a business venture, had an opening and we stayed for a month or so. Each Saturday night then they had a potluck dinner with a different theme. Now it is only every other weekend, but the camaraderie that is built around the tables keeps people coming back year after year. If you’ve been there once, you’re known by name when you show up again. Since we weren’t going to volunteer at the camp again this year, we decided to go back to Travel Port. It’s better known to the locals as Gilley’s, since Bob Gilley (and his wife Pat, who passed away a year ago in the winter. Pat’s memorial service was attended by long time campers as well as local residents who couldn’t help but love her.

One of the things many travelers notice as they drive by is that the fence along Highway 24 is lined with bicycles. They may not even notice the RV park, but they certainly notice the bicycles. A Colorado magazine, Out There Colorado, I think, wrote an article about the place, so I’m copying their article.

A small part of Bob’s collection

To the left of the entrance are mini storage buildings and to the right are more of Bob’s treasures, as well as the office and park.

Even weeds are flowers if you aren’t the gardener! As we walk around our area at Travel Port RV park, it’s either weeds or nothing, so we kinda like the colorful addition of the weeds!


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Chilly day in Colorado

After a nearly perfect day yesterday, we woke to 41 degrees this morning and I think that’s our high for the day. We pulled out the long pants, long sleeves and leather jackets. The forecast does look better for later in the week.

Yesterday we drove to the little town of Hartsel, about 30 minutes or so west on highway 24. We’ve driven through many times and at one time, we even knew people who lived in the area, but we’ve never stopped. There is a mercantile store with a little bit of the necessities of a house, cleaning supplies, milk and eggs, in addition to shirts and a few other items of clothing. There is also a gift shop down the street and nearly everything in the store is made by local crafters or cooks. In between those two stores are two places to eat. We ate at the saloon/cafe and were very pleased with our choices. My green chili stew was very tasty and LeRoy’s chorizo and egg burrito was smothered in the same green chili stew. Half of mine came home with us and I’m beginning to think it sounds like supper! Next to the mercantile is HOPP Pizza, which we’ve been told stands for Hartsel’s Only Pizza Place. We’ll try it another time.

On the way home, we stopped at the observation spot to get pictures of the snow capped Collegiate Mountains to the west with the broad valley between. No picture could do it justice. The Collegiates wrapped around to the right behind the trees and other hills. I tried to use the video LeRoy took, but it was too large to load. (Did I mention our internet is marginal here?)

We also stopped at the Wilkerson Pass Visitor’s Center and watched the hummingbirds coming to their feeders. We have a feeder up and we hear the hummers, but we have yet to see one at the feeder. LeRoy even moved it to the other side of the RV to see if that protection would make them feel more comfortable. Not so far!

This morning, Heidi posted a picture o Facebook of Jadelyn driving to church. Earlier she and the youth praise band from Northridge Friends Church led praise and worship at the EFC-MAYM junior and kids camp at Camp Quaker Haven and she had to miss a couple of days of drivers ed in order to go. She thinks drivers ed is going well and will be over this week, I think. It’s hard to think that our youngest grandchild is driving age already!

We’ve attended the Community Fellowship of Christians here the last two Sundays. Today the men provided breakfast and we met some locals who have Nazarene connections. Since we’ve been at a Nazarene camp the last few summers and we attend Desert Grace Nazarene Church in Yuma, we felt right at home.

Robert and Shelly are getting ready for their move to Hawaii. The Army will be moving them before we know it. Robert has to show up for duty July 9. They are planning to fly to Phoenix to see Shelly’s parents before they go and then fly to Hawaii from Phoenix. We wish them the best in their transition! Since we’ve never been to Hawaii, you can bet we’re planning on a trip there while that’s their station.

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Colorful Colorado!

We definitely enjoyed our time in Kansas, catching up with family and friends. Max Reser, one of our cohosts at Golden Bell the last few years, came to visit us last week. We hadn’t seen him since last fall and it was great to see him. We may or may not get to see him while we are in Colorado, depending upon his availability to come.

One of the things we learned while at the Landing this spring was that if we really wanted to sell the property, there probably wouldn’t be a lack of buyers! We still have the generator that LeRoy took out of Liberty to eliminate weight in the front end and give us a few inches higher ride. LeRoy pulled it out by our circle drive and put signs up offering it for sale. Lots of people stopped by, thinking the property was for sale. The signs all said what was for sale and they got close enough to read that, but didn’t. Food for thought! If Heidi and Tim ever leave Sedgwick, we don’t need to be that far from Wichita, but until then we’re happy with the Landing.

Wednesday night we finally got to attend Jadelyn’s 8th grade promotion without flooding or postponement. We were so proud of her. Her speech at the conclusion was very nice.

Special occasions sometimes let us see family members who live at a distance and this was no exception. Granddaughter Katrina from Oklahoma was able to come see us! It isn’t often we get smiling pictures of Katie. Photos aren’t her favorite!

I don’t have pictures with Bailey, Tim and Heidi available (my computer is giving me fits), but these should be enough to let you know that I’m really, really the shortest one! To my credit, Jadelyn was wearing 4 inch heels, so she’s really not quite as tall as she looks.

Ben, on the other hand, is every bit as tall as he looks! He dwarfs us! He put his elbow on my head just to make me feel shorter.

The day after graduation, we were ready to head out for the summer. This is the first time we’ve left the Landing in a home other than Liberty.

Since Jordan and Marc weren’t able to come to graduation and we were going to be within 10 miles or so of them on our way west, we stopped to see them and had lunch in a nice little diner in Ellsworth. We just had to get our Rachel (Rae) fix while we were so close! It is so much fun to watch her grow.

Of course, Marc and Jordan are part of the package. We love spending time with them. Marc has recently taken a lead pastor position at a church in Ellsworth and it was interesting to hear about his new sermon series.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. No storms and not even a lot of wind. LeRoy says it’s so much easier driving the Flair as compared to Liberty. Power steering and cruise control are good things!

We spent a night at the Golden Bell RV park just for old times sake and visited with several friends there before we came to Travelport RV park in Lake George, when we plan to spend the summer just being tourists. Come see us!

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Boondockers and graduates

Nine years ago this month, we bought Liberty, our Silver Eagle bus conversion and moved in on Mother’s Day. We had researched RV living and thought we had it figured out. Until we bought a bus, we were concerned about the weight of things we put into our “house”. After all, RVs have weight restrictions! But as a friend told us, Eagles are built to carry 50 fat people and all their luggage in comfort, so weight turned out not to be a problem.

We were also concerned about electrical and water usage. We had an image of Walmart parking lots and truck stops, places that were RV friendly and offered free overnight parking for boondockers. Boondocking is essentially camping without hookups (electricity, water, sewer). Some people call it dry camping and it may incude, as it does in Quartzsite, staying in completely undeveloped places like the BLM land in the desert. But as we soon learned, living in a home with residential wiring, a generator and very large fresh water and holding tanks, any fears we might have had about those problems was unwarranted. Our boondocking has been limited. We said, when we lived in Liberty, that we considered a 30-amp plugin to be roughing it. Now that we are in a 30-amp RV, it is still very important to us to be plugged in as much as possible.

In the years that we’ve owned the Landing in Kansas, we have all the hookups inside our metal building. We have just over an acre here, so we have room for friends with RVs to come and park for a night or a week. We are members of an internet group called Boondockers Welcome. The group website has a listing of all the members and their property locations, so other members can request to stay a day or two. We can then accept or deny a request. Most of our visitors have been just overnight. It works out well for everyone. Our country location is darker than a Walmart parking lot and quieter than a truck stop! This week we’ve had two separate couples stop overnight. Each time, they were gone in the morning before we finished our coffee and opened the building doors. It’s nice to be able to share what God has given us.

Ever since we got back from Yuma, it has rained A LOT! We’re thankful to be located on a rise (our friend Wilbur calls it Mt. Willis), because the road past our house has been the only way out of the town of Sedgwick when flooding had the roads west, north and south closed. The school complex was surrounded and the school closed for the year a day early due to flooding. That also resulted in the 8th grade graduation ceremony being postponed a week, to this coming Wednesday. That will be Jadelyn’s last hurrah as an 8th grader. We’re looking forward to her valedictory speech! We are so proud of her!

This afternoon we are headed to a graduation party for our best friends’ grandson. Other than that, we’re ready for last minute clean up and packing for a Thursday morning departure for Colorado. We are looking forward to a summer of tourist-ing since we won’t be volunteering at Golden Bell. We will be at home in Travelport RV Park in Lake George, CO. I’d say come see us, but you’ll have to provide your own bed!

See you on the road!

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Mother’s Day

Everyone I know either is a mother or has a mother, without exception. Some mothers are pregnant or have very small children, others are empty nesters with lots of others in between. Birth or adoption, marriage or friendship allow us to lay claim to our mothers, but they are all appreciated. Today I was blessed with a dozen roses from granddaughter Bailey. They are beautiful and smell great.

While Mother’s Day has always been a special day to me, I know that many people struggle with it. LeRoy’s parents both died when he was in very young and Mother’s and Father’s Days have always been inconsequential to him. Others are reminded again of an unhappy childhood or have recently lost their mother. This is the 10th Mother’s Day since my mother passed away and I find that on this day especially, I remember her and smile. I think she would be happy with the way her girls turned out. Daddy always got her a corsage for Mother’s day. Breakfast in bed just wasn’t his thing, I guess, although I remember doing that for her a time or two.

It has been a rainy few weeks here in Kansas, enough to cause severe flooding in many areas, but the sun is shining today and the world is washed and sparkling. I mention to LeRoy every once in awhile that it amazes me how many colors of green there are in the spring.

This past week I met with a cataract surgeon to see if I need to have cataracts removed. The consensus is yes, so I have an appointment in August to see him again and then surgery in mid-September. Everyone tells me how much crisper and brighter things appear after cataracts are removed. I’m looking forward to that!

All our college kids are finished with papers and finals and Jadelyn will be through in less than two weeks. Next school year, we won’t have any grandkids in elementary school. Jadelyn’s last junior high band concert is over and she played her contest solo on her bassoon. She did a great job.

According to the weather forecasters, the rains are over for awhile and this weeks temps may be in the 80s, which we think is glorious. We’re looking forward to seeing friends and catching up a little this week. If you don’t see us this month, we will see you down the road!

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A week ago, we took pictures of the Sedgwick family after church. I have to say, it’s been a long time since we had the WHOLE family together. We always seem to be missing someone. Rob and Shelly and Avery are in Georgia, Katrina is in Oklahoma and Marc, Jordan and Rae are in Ellsworth, KS, so we always have pieces of the family. Anyway, I love this picture!

Monday night’s middle school choir concert was about the shortest on record, 15 minutes start to finish, I think. They did a very good job, though, and you could see why the group got high marks at contest. Jadelyn is on the second row right in front of the second boy from the left.

Jadelyn also had a couple of milestones outside of school this week. She wants to be an orthodontist when she completes her schooling and she got to shadow a dentist for an afternoon this week. I think she really enjoyed doing that. The other thing that day was (drumroll, please): she passed her driver’s permit exam! In Kansas, 14-year-olds can get a learner’s permit and begin 50 hours of supervised driving. Their unrestricted license comes at age 16 or 17, I think. Congratulations, Jade!

Our daughter Heidi had a birthday this week and we got the family together for Braum’s ice cream to celebrate. We really enjoy family time while we’re here!

Yesterday was a jam packed day. In the morning, we went to Jadelyn’s final Bible quiz. In the Friends church, quiz is just for 7th and 8th graders, so this is the last one for all our grandkids. We have enjoyed watching them learn the scripture and compete. Jade’s team wasn’t in the finals, so as soon as they broke for lunch, LeRoy and I and Bailey left for Ellsworth to Rae’s birthday party.

Long time readers will remember that a year ago on April 25, our first great grandchild was born at 26 weeks. Rachel Leigh (we all call her Rae) weighed 1 lb. 5 oz. and is a true miracle and answer to many, many prayers. We hadn’t seen her since November and she has changed so much! Happy birthday, sweet girl! She enjoyed her presents but the rustly paper was the real draw.

Grandma Compton’s book about baby animals was her favorite, especially the fuzzy bunny. She knew exactly where to look for that soft fluff. I loved reading it to her!

We’re starting to get things arranged in our motor home so that they are more handy and efficient. We bought a set of shelves and hung them on the wall at the end of the loveseat. The cubes are handy for storing plastic containers and ziplock bags, even my knitting. Up top we have a narrow shelf for fleecy throws for cool evenings, with room below for my iPad and the coffee pot when it’s not in use.

This week we start a round of necessary medical appointments, beginning with the audiologist to see how I’m getting along with my hearing aids. Although I still wish I heard better sometimes, overall I’m very pleased. Our “wellness checks” are coming up when they find out if we can get ourselves to the bathroom without help and if we’re prone to falls. So far, so good! Except for passing out at the Mexican border, I haven’t had any traumatic incidents. LeRoy kept me from going down hard then. A bottle of water and some cool air and I was all good. I hope to keep it that way!

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Happy Easter from Kansas!

What a week this has been! We left the Landing in Yuma on Tuesday after shuttling everything we thought we might need in the next 7 months from the park model to the Flair, finding a place it would fit and putting it in. We’ve already discovered that there will be a considerable amount of rearranging in our future, but at least everything is here.

For all the years we’ve been traveling, the route home has been very similar. We took I-10 from Tucson to Deming, NM, where we cut off to go to T or C to see Raymond, then I-25 to where we turned to go toward Tucumcari and Highway 54. This year we didn’t need to go through T or C, so we pointed our nose toward Pie Town, because…PIE! Kathy Knapp’s Pie-O-Neer Pie Bar is only open Thursday through Saturday, so we wanted to be there on Thursday. The shop “doesn’t open until 11:30”, but when we arrived at 10:30, there were already people coming out with pies! Stan was letting people in, so we went in too! Kathy met us near the door with a big hug before she got back to work.

Pies were still coming out of the oven but the coffee was ready, so we browsed the gift shop.

Once the pies went onto the pie bar, we had to decide which one(s) we wanted for lunch. No judging, okay? Pie makes a pretty good lunch!

I chose the chocolate chess with red chilis and almonds, which was like a fudgy brownie in a pie pan, not spicy hot but flavorful. LeRoy had two, or maybe three. I lost count. We also shared bites with a lady we met at the RV park the night before, so we had lots of “tastes”. We left with two of their take and bake pies. One, called Starry Starry Night, we baked that evening and enjoyed with our friends Dave and Lois St. John in Belen. It’s name is easy to understand when you see it fresh from the oven with blueberry filling bubbling up through all those various sized stars.

The other pie we brought home will be shared with daughter Heidi’s family this evening. They’ve heard about Pie-O-Neer pies for years but never got a taste. Tonight they will get to eat the New Mexico pie, an extraordinary apple pie with toasted pine nuts and green chilis. Awesome!

Yesterday we got back to the Landing in Sedgwick and backed the Flair in, with plenty of room to spare! Breakfast at the church this morning followed by a wonderful worship service celebrating Christ, who is the Resurrection and the life have made a blessed Easter. We even had an old-school choir!

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