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Today is a Hallmark holiday, one not commemorating a military victory or a famous person. Today we celebrate mothers, without whom none of us past, present and future, would exist. Mothers may not be war heroes, but they have each … Continue reading

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Everyone asks how I’m doing post-surgery and I just say that I feel just about as congested as before surgery, but now I’m not supposed to blow my nose! The doctor says that’s pretty normal, that full recovery will take … Continue reading

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One for the books!

Wow, what a week we’ve had! Jordan came from the hospital and began not twice weekly but daily sonograms, but on Wednesday they called her to come back to the hospital and told them that the baby would be born … Continue reading

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Different week

We started the week knowing of one event on our schedule, our annual wellness visits with our doctor. Once those were out of the way, everything else was a surprise. Our oldest granddaughter, Jordan, is about 26 weeks pregnant with … Continue reading

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Kansas doesn’t like us anymore!

To paraphrase an old nursery rhyme: The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow, and what will Liberty do then, poor thing? She’ll hide in the barn and keep herself warm, and hide her head under her wing, … Continue reading

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He is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter, everyone. Today we celebrated Resurrection Sunday with our friends at Northwest Community Friends Church in Tucson. We arrived on Friday afternoon after a whirlwind of good-byes in Yuma…and food. Always food! We learned about a meal called Da … Continue reading

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I had forgotten

For years, our family spent lots of time at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes near Waynoka, OK. We had a variety of dune buggies and ATVs over the years, some that LeRoy built, others he bought or traded for and … Continue reading

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