When LeRoy and I moved the furniture out to allow for the floors to be refinished, I told him that we were NOT putting it back in by ourselves! A week ago on Saturday, Tim and Heidi came to help us move our furniture back into the house. The floors are done and they are beautiful. I think this picture was when they were still a little wet, because they are really more satiny than reflective now, but all the stains and scratches are gone.

Sunday, after a good night’s sleep in our own bedroom and enjoying worship at Northridge, we left on a Sister roadtrip. My sisters don’t travel much anymore, so since we are mobile, we wanted to visit them both. Florence Marie lives in Weeping Water, NE and we went there first. Weeping Water has one of the neatest old style hardware stores downtown and we visited it Monday morning. There are always jobs that Florence Marie, at less than 5′ tall, can’t do. Having a tall guy around is an added bonus for her, beside seeing her baby sister.

We dropped Florence Marie off to have her teeth cleaned and drove on to Manhattan to visit sister #2, Mary Jo. It happened that her youngest son, Bryan, was visiting so we got to see and catch up with him, too. Mary Jo started a round of chemo a few days later, so we were glad we had time to visit when we did. None of us, even my nephews and niece and our kids, are getting any younger, so we’re taking every opportunity to see them all.

Since Medicare wants seniors to have a “wellness visit” every year, we needed to get back to Wichita. We dutifully drew clock faces and repeated three words, stood up from chairs without using our hands and answered questions about our home, handrails on stairs (good thing) and throw rugs on floors (bad thing). We passed! Whew!

This weekend was the opportunity for the congregation at Northridge to meet the pastoral candidate and his wife, Shane and Randi Shetley. LeRoy went to the men’s breakfast and I attended the women’s brunch so that we could get acquainted with them individually. I’m glad we had that one-on opportunity. After I got home, we left on another roadtrip, to Dexter, KS. A few years ago, they had a large gathering of really well done vintage camper remodels but this year’s collection was much smaller, 5 I think. Here’s a sample.

Speaking of vintage trailers, the Dawson RV Trading Post at Golden Bell, which I’ve posted before, is an early Hicks model. We put our heads together with Mike and Gloria Newsom and decided that the store would get more traffic and be more convenient for us to run along with our other camp host duties if it could be moved to a position where it could serve as both office and store. We more or less hounded the Golden Bell staff about moving it, but we all really almost expected it to be sitting in the same place next year. After all, they are busy people. Lo and behold! Yesterday we got pictures and it is a done deal. No photoshopping, either, because we got messages and pictures from two different people.

Today after church where Shane preached a terrific sermon and lunch with family, we drove to Anthony to meet a friend from LeRoy’s childhood. She is a coordinator for Quilts of Valor and makes quilts herself. She had personally made the one she brought for LeRoy and wrapped him in it after the presentation ceremony. He was honored and humbled.

I think we’re home for a little while, but you never know about us! Later!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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