Winding down

The last time I wrote, the summer staff was beginning to leave for home. As of last Wednesday, there are only two young women left and I think they will leave this week to go home and then on to college. It feels as though the life is gone from the camp when these lively college kids go home.

Dale and Judy Foster, former volunteers here, visited Colorado the first week of August and since Jerry and Joyce Bradburn, friends and also former volunteers, were staying in the RV park, we all went to Cripple Creek for dinner at Maggie’s restaurant and a musical at the Butte Theater. “Gentlemen prefer blondes” was the musical that was performed that evening. I think there were only about 20 in attendance that night, but we all had fun.

The next morning, the 6th, our co-hosts left for the summer. They have been traveling and having lots of fun after getting the slide on their travel trailer fixed. Mike and Gloria, thanks for your hard work this summer.

The week they left was one of the busiest of the summer at the RV park. Rocky Mountain Fiddlers Camp came to the lodge, along with fiddlers, dulcimer players and bagpipers and other instruments. We had quite a few sites in the park filled with attendees and when they left, a second wave came in. Most of them left today or will leave tomorrow.

When we first came to host at Golden Bell in 2014, most of the sites were filled with tents. Over the years, the amount and size of RVs that come has increased. Along with that we’ve seen a decreased usage of toilet paper and paper towels in the bathhouse because more and more rigs are self contained. This summer we’ve seen them all, pickup campers, pop-up trailers, Class C motor homes, travel trailers, toy haulers, Class A motor homes and fifty-wheels. Not only are there more self contained units, they are also bigger than the park was really designed to accommodate. It took LeRoy about an hour to help shoehorn this enormous fifth-wheel into an uphill slot where it barely fit. One of the tools of the camp host this year is a saw to trim branches.

We had a visitor this weekend. When we still lived in our house in Wichita, we most often sat behind the high school youth group in church on Sunday morning. There were three or four girls who were always together and always having fun. It has been fun to see on Facebook that their relationships with each other have continued to be close over the last 15 or so years. One of the girls, Cassi Philips Coleman, lives in Denver and asked awhile back if she could come see us. We loved having her here Saturday afternoon through mid-afternoon today. She lives in a Class C motorhome, but she just brought a tent in her car this weekend.

Everywhere we go, people learn that we almost always wear matching T-shirts. After our trip to Cripple Creek yesterday, we added a third to the mix! We were so glad to have her.

We make Welcome signs for each site, showing the name of the family, the site they will occupy and what nights they will be there. After the site is emptied, we remove the sign and or replace it with the new occupant. After LeRoy spent quite a bit of time helping a gentleman with a broken engine cover part on Saturday, he found this “award” when he picked up the old sign. I couldn’t agree more!

Another visitor this week was a return customer from earlier in the season. I’ll leave you with these pictures.

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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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