When we traveled in Liberty, we used DirecTV for our television connection and we had been happy with it…until AT&T. At about the time AT&T bought DirecTV, service for RVers started to decline. Every time we needed to change our service address so that we could get local channels, they created a new 2-year contract and tried to charge us $199 for the privilege. So we decided to change service providers and switched to Dish. When we started traveling again in conventional RVs with smaller storage bays, we bought a King Tailgater that would find the satellites all by itself. It has served us pretty well, but we started having trouble getting reliable reception, especially here in the RV park among the trees. LeRoy has a couple of apps on his phone that show where the satellites are and there was nothing in the way, but still we had spotty service and every morning the receiver had to be reminded that we are in Colorado, then rescan for channels. We had purchased the unit and receiver used and put several years on it ourselves, so we bought a new King Tailgater Pro with a Wally receiver. We still don’t get all the channels in HD, but at least we have television so we can be connected to the outside world. Well, sort of.

A few years ago, the camp added wifi in the RV park for the office and volunteers. This year, none of the passwords worked and we have discovered that the router isn’t working. Shouldn’t be a problem. We have Verizon phones, which have always worked better up here than any other provider, so we could get online with our phones or use their hotspots for the iPad in the office and Trading Post. Then one day this week, someone somewhere cut something and ALL internet to the camp, including Verizon phone service, was down for a day! We couldn’t even make a phone call. When all RV park reservations and camp business are internet based and mostly paperless, it makes for a frustrating day. We had people showing up with reservation in hand when we didn’t know anyone was coming! They had reserved online just before they started up the mountain and we had no record of it until the next day. Fortunately the problem was solved in less than 18 hours, but our ability to get around on the internet on our phones is hampered. We thought at first it was because we had so many people in the park this weekend, but it’s still about dial-up speed, remember that? We are so spoiled!

It is finally warm enough for LeRoy’s “uniform”, shorts and a tee shirt! I even leave my jacket at home sometimes, so you now it’s getting nice. Our view changes as the temperatures get warmer, too. This picture was after several days of cold rain, grauppel and slush at our elevation, which also brought more snow to the mountain.

This pictures was earlier this week and as we drove back from church today, there was even less snow.

I’d love to invite everyone up to visit, but you have to bring your own “house”. When we’re in Yuma, we have an extra bedroom. Here, an air mattress in the living room is about as much as we can offer. We’re the only RV hosts at present, so we’ll be working every day but we’d love to see you!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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