Change up

After a week where I saw the chiropractor twice and a medical doctor once, I’ve “resigned” as laundry lady. The manager at the laundromat in Woodland Park had told me weeks ago that she wouldn’t hire anyone shorter than 5’7″ because they don’t have the “wingspan” to fold sheets and now I believe her. Fortunately, camps are over for the season but unfortunately, there had been lots of laundry brought in the day my back gave out. I’m not sure who did all of it, just that it wasn’t me! For now, I’ll be taking care of the RV park store a couple of hours a day until we get ready to leave. LeRoy is still a jack of all trades and general handy guy.

One of our favorite things about Woodland Park is the Farmer’s Market/Arts and Craft sale every Friday morning. While we don’t buy a lot, we like to walk through it and talk to the vendors. One of them is the man who sells Brenda’s Tamales. We met him first at the market in Old Colorado City in 2011, I think. We really don’t have much need for his wife’s homemade tamales up here since we mostly have our meals served at the lodge, but as the summer winds down, we stock up for the next few months (or weeks, if we’re hungry). So for now, our freezer is stocked with pork and jalapeno tamales which we will enjoy as we leave to travel to Kansas. We also bought a yummy pecan cinnamon roll that was very reminiscent of the ones LeRoy’s Aunt Tressie used to make. Not as good or gooey, but it made a good Sunday morning breakfast.

Speaking of Sunday morning, we have enjoyed being part of the Woodland Life Center worship services this summer, masks nonwithstanding. We have the privilege of attending some wonderful churches in our travels and each of the pastors preach great sermons. Woodland Life Center has a new pastor, Matt Delp, a friend of ours who served in the administration at Golden Bell a few years back. He and his wife Jacque moved from here to Girard, KS to pastor a Nazarene church and while they were there, we stopped to visit with them. Matt is as humble a man of God as any I’ve ever met and his messages resonate with me and stir me to action. Thanks, Matt.

In just a week and a half or so, we will be pulling up stakes here and heading toward Kansas. We’ve talked about where we will land when we decide to stop travelling and that’s really a hard question to answer. On one hand, we love our house in Yuma, but the summer temperatures are just hotter than…well, hotter than we want. We love the mountains of Colorado, but I dislike cold winters even more than I dislike 115 degree summers. I love my family and half of them live in Kansas. I love Kansas, but it has both heat and cold, so it’s a real dilemma. Fortunately, we don’t have to decide just yet, so we’ll be in Kansas for the fall.

See you down the road!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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