Eventful trip, but we’re here

As we had planned, we were ready to leave in time for my follow up eye appointment. Wind notwithstanding, we made it to Ellsworth just fine. Our granddaughter Jordan and her husband Marc live there and they are the parents of our only great granddaughter (so far). We had a great time talking and playing with Rae. She even got a shot at driving the RV! She was pretty proud of herself.

When we were showing Jordan and Rae the inside of our home on wheels, we put the foot rest on my seat out to show them. It wouldn’t go back down, so LeRoy walked to town to get a fuse. Not sure it’s really fixed for good, but at least it went back down and we have spare fuses now. Since their side street is far from level and the steps couldn’t go completely out, LeRoy had put the jacks down while we were parked. None of the easy things worked, so he went underneath and drained the hydraulic fluid out to let the springs pull them up. Eventually, we were able to get on the road again.

Did I mention wind before? As long as we were going north, it was at our back but once we turned west, it was just about broadside to us. In Liberty before LeRoy added air-assist power steering, it would have been really tough and even with that addition, it took strong arms and vigilance. I’ve always said it was like driving a billboard. The Pace Arrow made it much easier, but it was still a tiring day for my driver.

The temperature was hovering near the 100 degree mark most of Monday, but the generator runs both air conditioners and we do have dash air now. The generator got hot and quit for a little bit, but eventually it did start again. Another blessing!

Just as we bumped down into the Whistle Stop RV park in Colby, the refrigerator door swung open, the water jug inside and a full quart container of yogurt fell out and broke. Two and a half gallons of water ran under our storage unit into the carpet and it’s still not quite dry, even with fans running on it all the time. The yogurt made a bigger mess at first but once it was cleaned up, we were good.

The engine in the RV tends to run just below very hot all the time, which they tell me is typical of that engine, so we left Colby early Tuesday morning hoping to escape hot weather and get up the mountain safely. Mountains are always a challenge for RVs, it seems to me, or at least the ones we’ve owned. We took the car off the dolly and I drove up to lessen the load and we made it.

The drive Tuesday was still pretty windy, enough so that the big side awning decided to unroll as we drove. So in beautiful downtown Kanorado, KS, we stopped by the side of the road and cut it off. That’s about all you can do if it won’t rewind. LeRoy carries a foldable ladder which made getting it down so much easier, even though nothing about getting it on the ground was easy! I’m no match for LeRoy’s strength!

When we arrived at Golden Bell, we got reacquainted with long time friends after we got parked in the RV park and met several new staff members at dinner. Things are somewhat different than in the past. The cushions have been removed from the couches in the lobby to aid in social distancing, even though the staff, volunteers and summer staff are about the only ones here. and every time we are in a camp building, we will wear a mask. Other than that, Golden Bell is still a wonderful place to be.

After dinner last night, I began to experience a rash on my upper body. Heidi suggested that I should send pictures to my doctor in Wichita via the patient portal and I am still waiting to hear from them. I guess we’ll see what they think and maybe go to a doctor in Woodland Park. I feel good and don’t itch too much!

This morning, because of the rash, I didn’t go to breakfast, so I took a walk to see my favorite view. I just stood and soaked in the beauty God made for us and I know all is well, no matter what.

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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