REAL progress! When our new dwelling was being set in place in December, LeRoy and I jokingly said we wondered if it would be finished by the time we were ready to leave for the season in April. By last week, March hit it’s mid-point and it was no longer a joke! We really wondered! BUT this week we began “officially” living in our park model here in Yuma. The inspector came on Thursday and signed off on our permits, both the setting of the house and erecting the awning. Then the contractor came by on Friday and we paid his bill, making it official. We love our house! Wish you all could come see it.

When we first bought this property, there were two decks, one for each RV hookup. LeRoy has moved and/or taken them down more times than he’d like! The big one had to come down after he  moved it to the wall because RVs parked next to it couldn’t open their door. Not a good situation! The one next to where Liberty was parked had to be moved for all the projects that went on moving utilities. When we though the park model would go on that side, he cut it in two pieces and stacked it at the back of the lot where it stayed until a short time ago. Now it is back together where we can see it from our living room. It needs sealing again but there are other priorities.

Inside the house, we haven’t had a headboard for our bed, just the bedframe. When we drink coffee in bed in the mornings, each time one of us gets up or scoots down, the bed slides away from the wall. We had talked about a headboard and I suggested one like LeRoy had made for our bed in Wichita, made from a length of picket fence. That one was whitewashed, I think. Since our walls are white here, that wouldn’t have worked very well. As a result of watching way too much HGTV, we had learned about burning wood to bring out the grain so LeRoy did that and then put on a couple of coats of polyurethane. You can see the result here.


Since the house is very much to our liking now, it was time to think about getting ready for spring travel. The Flair is beginning to look more liveable. LeRoy took out the dinette so typical of RVs and replaced it with a love seat with storage beneath it, giving us an extra foot or so of usable space. (Pictures of that later.) It also made the ugly carpet even more apparent. As a result of his success with the headboard, we decided to try that on the floor of the motor home and it’s looking good. No polyurethane yet but it looks good. The remainder of the carpet may come out at a later date.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on armrest covers for the passenger and driver seats. The other ones, in addition to being a 1996 mauve/green combination, were worn out. I bought a tan microsuede bedskirt at a garage sale several weeks ago and this weekend I took it apart to use the fabric. First order of business was pattern making.

then making a fabric template to pin fit and make changes, but the finished projects looked pretty good.

After LeRoy wrestled them into place, they look like they belong.

Lest anyone think all we’ve been doing is working, last weekend was a road trip for us. Back in 1966 when LeRoy was in the Army, we lived in Killeen, TX and attended the Nazarene Church there. We met Eldon and Sharon Orrell there and quickly became fast friends. Sharon had a “real” job as a school teacher, but we were all broke together. We got paid once a month and often by the end of the month, the cupboards were pretty bare. We could pool what we had and have a good meal together, then play Rook. (Heaven forbid that we play with actual playing cards! Lightening would have struck us!) Anyway, Eldon and Sharon live in Kingman, AZ now, just a few hours away and we went to see them. When we walked in on Saturday afternoon, LeRoy and Eldon went off to Eldon’s man space and Sharon and I sat in the living room and talked…and talked…and talked. We were still catching up when it was time to leave on Monday morning!

On down the road, we stopped in Quartzsite for lunch with fellow volunteers from Golden Bell. Two couples from Kansas, one from California and us, the vagabonds. We enjoyed hugs and visiting for a couple of hours before heading for home. We sure missed Max Reser and other volunteers, but we talked about all of them! Hope their ears were burning.


It won’t be long until we are headed back toward Kansas and will get to see family there, but I’m especially looking forward to seeing this sweet little one. Rae will be 11 months old tomorrow. What a miracle baby she is! She, along with her parents, will be living in Ellsworth, KS by the time we get back there. I think she’s thinking “Are you sure I’m supposed to be sitting here?”

See you down the road!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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