Third time’s a charm?

We found out after several years of fighting our generator that it had been a problem even before we bought it. We’ve put lots of money and lots of man hours into getting a working generator, very important since our “house” is almost entirely electrical. It we stop somewhere without hookups, we are dependent upon batteries and the generator for heating or cooling. Last fall, after making a fix that had probably been the problem all along, LeRoy pulled that heavy thing and replaced it with a different one. It ran fine but in January, the line switch went out and the power wasn’t getting to the electrical system. Replaced that! Then in May, just outside Las Cruces, the generator quit running and when LeRoy went to start it, it backfired and hasn’t started since. Enough frustration! We bought another one and LeRoy has been installing it this week. Notice the black spot in the back of his white hair?


Cross your fingers and toes! It should be ready for testing soon.


Before he started on that project, though, we made a trip to Oklahoma. Last summer when Jadelyn had planned to come visit us, there were logistical problems and she didn’t get to come. So on Saturday before Labor Day, we took her with us to Inola, OK to see granddaughter Katrina. We had a lot of fun shopping and eating and giving Jade a lesson on Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers. She likes history in school and mostly enjoyed the museum. Will was a down to earth, yet extraordinary man. His comedy poked fun at congress and the government in general, not an individual. I wish today’s “comedians” would take a lesson from that. As you can see, Jadelyn has outgrown Katrina (and all the other grandkids except Ben).


Since Jade is taking a FACS class this fall (it used to be home ec), she brought along her point sheet. For everything she cooked, she wrote down the skills used and got our evaluation. I taught her how to cook in my Instant Pot and she made Salsa Chicken, which could be eaten with tortillas or on a salad. Katrina helped her bake cookies and pumpkin bread. We ate well!

Jade baking

Earlier this week, the Friends church in Haviland and several houses there experienced flooding from the huge rains. Since we knew that many of the church members, including the pastors, were doing cleanup of their own, we drove out Saturday for a work day at the church. We spent the morning carrying things from the Sunday school classrooms to the fellowship hall to be disinfected and then carried back to put on tables until the floors and walls are done. Lots of seasonal decorations were stored in the basement closets, so all that had to be moved as well. We came home with a car full of wall decorations that had been borrowed from Northridge, here in Wichita. Those things were high and dry, but they needed to be returned.

As we neared home, our friends Max and Paula Reser called to say that they were at the Landing. We volunteered with the Resers each of the last three summers at Golden Bell. They left Divide just a few hours before another storm of pea-sized hail covered the ground there! We always enjoy taking visitors to Cy’s Hoof and Horn, a home town restaurant in Sedgwick. This morning we took them with us to church and then after lunch, they moved on to visit their daughter. They’ve been full time RVers for just more than a year now and I’m sure we will see them on the road again.

The crowning point of the week for this grandmother was this afternoon when we got a chance to play with great-granddaughter Rae. It is so much fun to have a baby around again! She was all decked out in Chiefs gear for the game this afternoon. We had heard that she’s really a daddy’s girl, but she seemed to like Papa pretty well, too!


Granne and Papa worked hard to make her smile!


We have lots of plans for this coming week, just doing what we choose to do this time. The sun is forecast to shine and we’ll be loving it.

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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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