As though we never left


Well, Liberty is back in the barn at the Landing in Kansas and it dawned on me that when you live in an RV, it is easy to feel as though you never left. We live in the same “house” everywhere we go and the outside views begin to blend together after awhile. Were we in Colorado when that happened? Or was it Yellowstone? What year was it? All those memories form the foundation of our lives.

We left Golden Bell after breakfast on Thursday morning, hugs all around with our volunteer friends and all the staff. We don’t currently plan to return there next year, so I had to have one last picture of this guy.


Woodland Park is known as the City above the Clouds and we experienced that this year. It looks odd to see the cloud right in front of you, like flying an airplane in a cloud bank.


The tiny town of Alton, KS, where I attended school for 12 years, has a festival called Jubilee every year on the last Saturday of August. Alton’s population, according to the 2016 census figures, is 98, but the Jubilee brings back many times that number. There is a parade all the down Mill Street, the main drag, just a few blocks, but there are enough parade entries that it takes about an hour! There hasn’t been a high school in town since 1970 and the current residents attend Osborne High school in the county seat. The OHS band did a great job of playing the national anthem and the crowd was on their feet. This year my high school graduating class celebrated our 55th year since graduation during that time, so we rode in the parade, too. (Remember, LeRoy and I have been at 9200+ feet elevation all summer with very little humidity and almost every day began and ended wearing a sweatshirt. In Alton, it was 90+ degrees and 50% humidity! We didn’t melt (or even lose weight) but it was different for sure.)

My class was the largest in the high school in 1963, but there were only 11 of us even then. Two class members died many years ago and only 4 of those remaining were able to attend this year. Girls-4, Boys-0!


Among the memorabilia that we dug through was a picture of the cheerleaders our senior year. Not to be outdone by their younger selves, they recreated that picture. The sounds that accompanied that pose didn’t sound much like football cheers, though, more what we call Senior Tourettes, the involuntary noises we make when getting up or down.


For a small class, we’ve done a good job of spreading out across the US. Sherry Guge Workman lives in South Carolina (by way of Michigan).  Carolyn Bartholomew Stonehocker is a world traveler who lives in Prescott, AZ after many years in Wheaton, IL. Carol Brent Fogo and her husband are closest. They lived all over Kansas but have retired in Manhattan. And LeRoy and I? Well, name a season and we’ll tell you where we live! The other survivors who didn’t attend live in Kentucky, North Carolina (I think), Colorado, Washington state and California. Pretty good for sheltered Kansas kids!

After we were done with our part in the parade, I met up with my sister Mary Jo and husband Ray who almost always come back for Jubilee. The rural fire department furnished our hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch, although there were two other venues for food. After eating lunch, we went across the street for pie and homemade ice cream, which was supplied by Mt. Ayr Friends Church, the church where I grew up. Lest we get hungry at the reunion, there were cookies and veggies and anything else we might need to fill the cracks until the BBQ supper in the park! I shouldn’t have needed to eat today at all!

One of the main events of the Jubilee is an evening presentation by the Bull City Opry Company, made up of writers, producers and actors from the local community. Last night’s play was “It’s All Good!” and it was the 24th production.

This morning we were up and gone before 8 o’clock to beat the heat and we rolled in just in time to put the bus in the barn and meet the local family for lunch. The highlight of that meeting, other than hugs from everyone, was getting to hold and love on little Rae! I just have to say, she’s even cuter than her pictures. Who’s holding her is so much less important!


Rae & Papa

We’re already working on a trip for next weekend. Stay tuned!

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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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