Frustration, thy name is computer

I have cried and yelled and griped and my computer still is my prime source of frustration. It had been terribly slow for quite some time, sometimes taking 10 minutes to come to life. Then last week when I started to do my blog, it wouldn’t boot up at all. No blue screen of death, no sounds, nothing. Geek Squad at Best Buy has worked for us before so we took it for a thorough checkup. They told me that it would be ready today, but Friday night I had a call saying that while everything checked out okay on the hard drive once it came up, 2 out of 5 times it didn’t come up at all. They recommended a new hard drive and said it would be much faster than the old one and it would be ready yesterday.

True to their word, it was ready on Saturday, but what a frustration! All my files were still there, but in different places, none of which were available at a click on the desktop. The icons opened folders, but they were blank. First, I had to get into an icon labeled “backup” and there were all my files…like a treasure hunt without a map. (If there is a “backup”, shouldn’t there have been a “restore”?) I had to look in each folder, sometimes in places that had no similarity to the type of file I was trying to find. My Quicken program was completely gone and the latest backup in the file was in 2008. Hardly a good beginning to getting my tax papers together! Fortunately, I was able to download the app and I had made a separate backup on a thumb drive before taking the computer for service. But the computer would no longer talk to the printer. I couldn’t scan the 1099 forms to send to our accountant in Kansas without that communication and I could NOT make it talk or listen. Needless to say, Geek Squad was not thrilled to hear from me. I took it back today and the nice young man pulled things together in a much more functional way and got the printer and computer playing nice again. I’m a happy camper, or will be when I figure out a few more things, like how to get the computer itself passworded again.

We’ve had new friends in our extra space for over a week now. First, Dan and Charlene Lawry were here from Oregon. We’ve been friends with Dan’s brother Paul and his wife Becky since we first went on the road in the late summer of 2010. They are full timers in an Eagle as well and Paul was the one who encouraged me to begin writing a blog. Anyway, Dan and Charlene were a joy to have and we are so glad we got acquainted. Then last Wednesday, Larry and Alice Jesse from Ohio moved in. Alice and I attend the same Bible study at Desert Grace Nazarene Church. They had planned to leave for the Grand Canyon but the weather up there is too cold for their liking. Funny, we think Arizona should be warm and sunny, but we forget that’s only down south. It’s snowy and cold up north.

Perhaps another blog will be less tedious and frustration-filled. And one day I’ll be sorry for yelling, but not today.


About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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  1. dave neff says:

    In college I acquired an Apple 2C with external disc drive. I was able to do all of my papers on it. Even saved all the discs. It was so much easier than my Underwood 500. But along came PC with windows and XP and all the toys that came along and the ease of work sped up like a NASCAR racer. But just like that, the yellow flag would appear and a reboot to restart would stop me in my tracks (or sectors). Well for now I’m in the pack and heading for the checkered flag and…….loading……file not found….oh well. That’s how it goes.

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