Gone with the wind

Actually, the wind (and the RAIN!) came Monday, before the road trip. Yuma got .16″ of rain and the weather people were calling it a deluge. Considering that the entire year of 2017 amassed less than 2″ of precipitation here, even a little in a short time seemed like a lot. The wind blew the covers off of the hot tub more than once, but since Richard was still here, he caught them in the street. We had gone shopping for rugs to fit under the new chairs and to pick up LeRoy’s Christmas present, a tool chest, at Harbor Freight. It had been back ordered previously.


Christmas just kept coming this week, too. Our mail has been exceedingly slow, sometimes taking a couple weeks to get here and sure enough that was the case with our package from Robert and Shelly. LeRoy couldn’t have been more pleased with his treasure! Gingersnaps are his cookie of choice. You just can’t find the ones in the bags very often and the ones in boxes leave something to be desired. I was allowed to share, but not right at that moment!


My gift was a new shade of Lipsense, which Shelly sells. This shade is actually a mixture of two and seems perfect for me. She is a licensed aesthetician and I’m sure one of these days she will tell me all her secrets (wink, wink).


Thursday morning we were up and out of the house about the time the coffee usually starts brewing. We made the long trip to Alamogordo, NM to see Raymond, but first we stopped in Dona Ana, just a bit north of Las Cruces, to check out a new nursing facility that has agreed to accept him. We were suitably impressed with what we saw, especially the staff. Many of them are long-term employees, unlike the place he is in now. Raymond has been unhappy with his placement in Alamogordo since the very beginning and we don’t blame him at all. Conditions there are deplorable! At any rate, he should be moved to Case de Oro by mid-week next week unless the staff at Case Arena Blanca falls down on their end of the job. All things considered, Raymond was glad to see us and was looking terrific. He was in his wheelchair the entire time we were there, not in bed as we had been used to seeing him. The most exciting news he had for us is that the prosthetics firm that works with him has said that he will be upright and learning to use new legs and feet in a matter of a few weeks! That will be a real test of Raymond’s endurance, so keep him in your prayers. Don’t Tressie’s ornery boys look good together?


Saturday we were in Tucson to help Northwest Community Friends Church put in a new playground. Friends church members from all over the region came to help in an event called Love Friends and it was a busy place.



We left before they were through, but this is the final result. When we first went to Northwest, there were no little ones. Now there are quite a few and at least 3 new babies expected before summer, including Pastor Adam and Allie’s identical twin boys!


We have friends coming in tomorrow from our old neighborhood in Wichita. We haven’t seen the Franklins in years so it will be good to see them again. Then on Wednesday, we leave for the Silver Eagles Int’l. rally in Quartzsite, always a wonderful time of talking and eating and talking some more. You never know who you’ll see in Quartzsite!


About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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