Welcome to Yuma, winter visitors!

Ever since we retired and began full-timing, we’ve been asked if we’re snowbirds. Since we are really perfect-weather-chasers, we accepted the Yuma terminology of winter visitors instead. All over the Yuma foothills, various businesses and churches have hung signs saying “Welcome back, winter visitors!”. We’re glad for such a friendly welcome. In Tucson, everyone grumbles about the winter visitors impeding traffic. Here, the infusion of 80,000 mostly seniors is a real boost to the economy.


Before we left Sedgwick, we got to help celebrate Jadelyn’s 13th birthday at the Wednesday night meal at Northridge. Can’t believe she’s a teenager already, except that she’s noticeably taller than I am and still growing! The pineapple on the cake is because pineapples have really become her “thing”, although she won’t eat them!

Jadelyn 13.jpeg

The night before we left, we attended the Sedgwick High School production of the musical “Oklahoma!” Grandson Ben played Andrew Carnes, the very protective father of a rather promiscuous Ado Annie. He didn’t mind wielding his gun to get some young feller’s attention! Ben has lots of fun on stage and the production was a huge success!

Ben in Oklahoma!

We took the Pohlman family to breakfast on Saturday the 11th and were on the road by about 9:30. We drove in drizzle and had the heat on in the bus for the first 3 hours or so and then things started looking up. By the time we reached Alamogordo on Sunday afternoon, LeRoy was able to get back in “uniform.”

LRW uniform

We found cousin Raymond much improved from the last time we had seen him. He has achieved a modicum of independence by being able to transfer himself from his bed into his wheelchair, but the therapist tells him that they may be able to start fitting him for prosthetics before long and that’s exciting. One incision hasn’t yet completely healed but it’s getting close. And the good word is that he has been approved for Medicaid, so the process of finding another more acceptable living arrangement will be simplified.

We left for Tucson on Tuesday and spent until Friday morning getting caught up with friends there. I even attended the women’s Bible study on Wednesday and LeRoy went to the men’s breakfast on Thursday. Since three time changes in a week were still playing with our sleep habits (CDT to CST to MST), we were up and on our way about 7:30 Friday morning in order to meet DirecTV at our Yuma property “between 12 and 4 pm”. The tech was prompt and thorough and we had TV before the end of that time slot. He even left us an extra remote, so we don’t have to fight over control! We also had water and electricity on when we arrived, so things are good here although there is lots of work to do.

It was interesting pulling up to a property which, although we are the owners, we had never physically seen. Google Street View, as well as MLS pictures, had given us a good idea of the property itself and the neighborhood, but it was nice to finally see it. When we first got out, the amount of cleanup work looked fairly daunting. Here in Arizona, almost anything can grow with enough water, but the water had been shut off for a couple of years so almost all the lovely plantings had died. The realtor showed us this, though, among the dried weeds.


There are actually three of them and they look nice now that the weeds have been cleared and they’ve been watered. There is also a tiny little palm tree in the corner. We’ve been warned that we’ll probably want to move it farther from the fence, but that’s for another time.


What follows is a set of random photos, some when we first arrived and some after several hours of work both Friday afternoon and Saturday. I’m sure there will be many more pictures to come. I thought I’d save the inside of the casita for another day.


The view from the west drive


Even cacti dry up without water.


The west side of the property where Liberty now sits


The east RV parking area



The previous owners had lots of raised beds where they apparently had vegetables planted, along with smaller planting spaces around the lot. They stayed on the left hand side of the property, with a deck between their rig and the fence but that makes anyone who stays on that side have to drive over the patio behind our casita, so LeRoy moved it, with help from our friends Wilbur and Laura Bradbury. We do plan on having friends stopping by and we want their place to be welcoming!


Here is the Landing in Yuma, 12175 E. 39th St. If you’re coming to see us, the STREET part is very important to differentiate between 39th St., 39th Place and 39th Way. On other numbered streets in the area, there are also Lanes , which can add to the confusion.


Yuma property with Liberty


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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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