Well, I hope this week’s blog stays around longer than last. When I published that one, it hung around for a few hours and then disappeared into thin air! No sign of it remains anywhere that I have found.

I had written about the change of plans, with LeRoy driving to Las Cruces, NM to be with his cousin Raymond and me driving to Claremore, OK to attend the life celebration for our granddaughter’s adoptive mother. In the meantime, we postponed the celebration of our 52nd wedding anniversary on July 10. We’ve loved each other this long, we can set that date aside for a while and take care of other people. LeRoy stayed in New Mexico until after Raymond’s surgery to amputate both legs below the knee. On Friday, when things seemed to be headed in a more or less positive direction, LeRoy drove to Colorado and yesterday we said our good-byes at Golden Bell a few weeks earlier than we had planned. We spent Saturday night in Alamosa, CO and today drove on to Las Cruces. The hospital has some 30 amp sites for motorhomes in the parking lot, so we are settled in for a while. Nothing much happens on the weekend in a hospital, so Raymond’s transfer to a nursing home is on hold. Once he is released to the facility in Truth or Consequences, we will move up there and begin the process of cleaning out his apartment.

In the summer of 2014, LeRoy found a posting online needing an RV park host at Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center. We thought it sounded fun, so we applied and were accepted. We didn’t go back in 2015 because we had an Alaskan trip planned for our 50th wedding anniversary, but last year and this year we have been co-hosting the park along with Max and Paula Reser. You don’t really want to hear about cleaning bathrooms and picking up trash every day, so I thought I’d tell you about our most recent excitement, other than moving in the new shed to be the park office.


We always tell campers, especially tent campers, to be careful to put away their food and trash so as not to attract bears, but we had never actually seen one in the park. Can’t say that anymore! Several times now, he has left evidence behind, but this time he was spotted just down the hill from the camp sites.

There are 7 senior couples and 2 singles who volunteer at Golden Bell in the summer and we’ve known all but one of them from previous years. Most of us are in the RV park and we’re just one big happy family. I learned years ago, long before I was a senior, that especially where seniors are concerned, if you feed them, they will come, and my goodness, have we been fed recently. On Wednesday night last week, we met at the home of our volunteer coordinator and her husband for a wiener roast and s’mores, along with a table full of sides provided by the volunteers. Afterward, we sang together, mostly hymns, for an hour or so. It was so much fun! Thursday night, one of the part-time volunteers furnished spaghetti and again, the rest of us furnished sides, bread and desserts, including homemade vanilla ice cream.

Not being capable of turning down more food, we all accepted the invitation to dessert at the home of our friends across the street on Friday night and had carrot cake and a white cake with coconut, along with ice cream. The last thing was a tour of the world in food furnished by the kitchen staff at the lodge. It proved to be a nice sendoff for us, although it wasn’t planned that way. Believe me, if the diet doesn’t begin soon, I’ve going to need a new wardrobe! This dessert from France and the lovely Christiana and Eliana who served it were just a small portion of the food available from Greece, Viet Nam, Mexico, England, Germany and France.

This week was my sister Mary Jo’s last radiation treatment, so she graduated and got to ring the bell! The next scan will be in August, but we are praying that it will show no cancer at all!

It’s just about tired-thirty here in New Mexico since we got up early and had a long day. See you soon, hopefully with good news about Raymond.

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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  1. Becky says:

    So glad to see Mary Jo ringing the bell!

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