What a week!

Happy Independence Day a bit belated! The volunteers and most of the staff at Golden Bell had the day off and boy, did we enjoy it. Most of the senior volunteers piled into a 15-passenger van and went to explore 11-Mile Canyon at Lake George.

Even the plants put on a show for us.

Subway provided lunch and even a mundane sandwich tasted pretty good beside the rippling water. We could see why kayakers would enjoy that area. Several of us women hiked up almost up to the end of the road and the rest brought the van to pick us up. What a great day to celebrate independence in God’s creation!

Thursday was the day LeRoy has been working toward since we came in May. They were able to move the shed from the funyak pond to the RV park to be turned into our office! Before that could happen, they had to finish refurbishing the stable building to accommodate the funyaks (small kayaks) and the painting on that was done earlier in the week. Once the old shed was moved here to the RV park, the newly rebuilt shed could be moved to the pond. LeRoy and Max put down a new floor in it and LeRoy worked all day yesterday to add a window “procured” from the bonepile on the hill. Max says “And we said “wish there was light” & LeRoy made it so light shown in… Good job LeRoy” I have a feeling we won’t recognize it when we get back from our travels, because a couple of the women volunteers are just itching to start painting!

The RV site signs are in sad repair and several weeks ago, we bought enough rough-sawn wood to make new ones. (We’re also trying to convince the powers that be to renumber the sites in a more logical order.) LeRoy cut the boards to size and got them ready, then we stained them so they will be ready for hand-lettered numbers. The camp is going to look very different when everything is done.

Thursday evening the volunteer coordinator and her husband took most of the volunteers for an appreciation evening. We had dinner at Maggie’s restaurant in Cripple Creek and then attended the Butte Theater’s presentation of  “Annie Get Your Gun.” It wasn’t Music Theater of Wichita, but it was very good for a small production company.

On the way home, when we got back into cell service, I found several texts and voicemails from Heidi. She had word that her daughter Katrina’s adoptive mom had passed away suddenly late that afternoon. Even though she was given up for adoption at birth, we’ve known all along who and where Katie was. Her parents were good friends of ours long before she came along, so it was a real shock to us as well as them. We started making plans to go to Oklahoma for the memorial service this Wednesday. Then yesterday we heard that LeRoy’s cousin Raymond is in the hospital in Las Cruces, NM and will probably be having surgery tomorrow. The medical staff thought it would be a good idea if LeRoy was there, so he left this morning at 6:45 and arrived half an hour or so ago. The surgery may be to do an artery bypass or he may lose several toes or part of a leg, so LeRoy will be there until they tell him it’s okay to go. Tomorrow, a friend will take me to Colorado Springs to pick up a rental car and I will go to Wichita, then on to Claremore, OK for the memorial on Wednesday. Lots of travel this week, so please keep us in your prayers!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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