Well, that’s done

You know how you never want to be the one to put the first scratch or dent on the new vehicle and how bad you feel when it happens? Well, Liberty took that upon herself so we wouldn’t feel guilty.

The day we arrived at Golden Bell, LeRoy was jockeying up and back trying to get around a curve. Our power steering is air-assist and before long, there wasn’t enough air and the brakes locked up. LeRoy pulled the brake set button and got out to check out the situation. Unbeknownst to him, when there isn’t enough air, it doesn’t really “set” and as soon as air built up, the bus started rolling backward and didn’t stop until it ran into the corner of the porch on the one permanent trailer on the property.

dawson damage

An aspen tree was enough to keep it from completely tearing the porch off, but not before this happened.

Liberty hole

Now, before you start feeling sorry for us, I have to tell you that we have so much for which to praise the Lord that we can’t really feel that way. First of all, when Liberty started rolling, LeRoy was standing directly between her and some pretty solid objects. We lost a friend in exactly the same kind of accident two years ago and we are so grateful that LeRoy was able to spring out of the way in time. Also, if it hadn’t been for that aspen tree, the Dawson Mansion (the camp nickname for the vintage trailer) might have been a thing of the past. (I’m not sure there weren’t some people who wouldn’t have missed it!) And then even though the tree was enough to stop it, it wasn’t enough to completely bash in the back. It is fixable and after all, that’s why we carry insurance, isn’t it?

We also found “almost” matching duct tape to cover and weatherproof the hole until it can be fixed.


The insurance adjuster was here Tuesday and all is in order so we can get the body work done.

And then the storms came.


Just when one batch of snow melted, the next arrived, for several days and nights. We’ve always enjoyed the chuckwagon dinners that the camp kitchen staff puts on for the summer staff and volunteers, but we’ve never attended one in parkas before!


Then yesterday when we thought the snow was over, it started to hail and soon the ground was completely white again. Fortunately, it was all small stuff and didn’t seem to leave much if any damage. We’ve come to expect rain just about every afternoon in late summer but this stuff can go away!

Back home in Kansas, the weather has been much different and sometime recently our daughter’s twins had senior pictures taken outdoors. Ben and Bailey? Seniors? When did that happen?



This week, our co-hosts will be arriving and I think the volunteer staff will be complete, at least for a while. It has been so much fun welcoming friends from past years as they have pulled in.

Our first weekend of campers is almost over and everything has gone pretty well. Fortunately the frozen pipes LeRoy fought all over the park were thawed by the time everyone arrived, but one family of tent campers did wake up to several inches of snow on their tent earlier in the week. We’re ready to let the summer begin!



About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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3 Responses to Well, that’s done

  1. aelkins1 says:

    Ouch! Poor bus. We have a semi truck that we pull the 5er with, and we’ve had our own struggles with air brakes!

  2. aelkins1 says:

    We’re currently in Michigan, cleaning out the storage unit and spending time with family. We do extended stays as well – trying for a month at a time, but sometimes more. Sometimes less, when we have a schedule to keep.

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