Fun week

What a busy week with friends and family! Our Wisconsin friends Dennis and Renae Hafenbreadl and their dogs Cooper and Riley stopped by in their Eagle to visit for a few days and we enjoyed showing them some of our favorite places. This picture was taken in a friend’s bus near Huachuca City when we stopped there to introduce them to Blake and Pennie Hardy.


We were on our way to Tombstone because Dennis and Renae had so many recommendations for it and we were glad to oblige. We ate lunch at Big Nose Kate’s saloon and they ate the (recommended) Reuben sandwiches. After taking in several of the shops along the boardwalk, we went to the historic Bird Cage Theater and while we didn’t take the whole museum tour, the docent in the lobby did a good job of filling us in on the “activities” that went on inside during its heyday. LeRoy and I had been outside the historic courthouse but had never toured the museum inside, so we enjoyed seeing it. Although the county seat of Cochise County was moved to Bisbee in 1929, parts of the 1882 building are kept as they were when the offices moved and the exhibits are really good. The courthouse has been a state park since 1959 and it is well worth the admission fee is only $5. LeRoy even checked out the fit on a saddle in front of the room with the cattlemen exhibit.


While we were in Wisconsin in the summer of 2015, we picked cherries with Dennis and Renae and watched while they canned many quarts right there in the campground where our rally had been held. During their visit here, we got to sample some of the other things they have canned and were not disappointed. One of my favorite things (which LeRoy doesn’t choose to eat) is pickled beets and Renae’s were topnotch. I’m sure we polished off more than a quart during the meals we shared with them. Florence Marie’s son Jim Walter and his wife Nancy arrived Wednesday and got to be part of our cookout one evening.

Dennis was having problems with his back while they were here, which curtailed his activity somewhat. Renae, Jim, Nancy and Florence Marie went to the Biosphere 2 one day when we were busy with something else and with the exception of the guide’s ideas about climate change, I think they really found it interesting. Hafenbreadls headed out toward home on Friday morning. I guess they were homesick for cold weather!

On Friday afternoon while the Walters shopped at some little stores in the downtown area, LeRoy and I got to be part of a surprise. Our friend Landon March from Wichita had texted early in January to see if we would be willing to pick him up at the airport and take him to McNeal, AZ, where his in-laws serve with New Tribes Mission. They were getting ready for a missions expo and he flew in to surprise them. There were some very pretty aircraft in the hangar, as well as a beautiful Kodiak which arrived just after we did. That’s Landon on the right.


LeRoy worked for the Cessna Aircraft Co. when we were first married and after his time in the Army and since he built the tailcone, spars and wings for the 185 model, he thinks he could have helped build this one. He found the owners manual for this 1965 model in seat back.


They had set up numerous activities for the children they expected to come visit on Saturday, including a scavenger hunt in this “village”.


LeRoy had a work day at a church camp our church supports yesterday, so the rest of us went to Bisbee for a tour of the Copper Queen mine. Again, this was a tour we hadn’t taken and it was fun. We’ve been to the Molly Cathleen mine near Cripple Creek, CO, but this is a more recently active mine and we were privileged to have a former miner as our guide. The tour is modestly priced and there is very little walking involved, so I would recommend it. Someday soon I’ll get LeRoy down there!



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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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