BIG gap!

Due to several things, it’s been a while since I’ve had pictures for a blog and I tend to think no one wants to know about our day to day activities. Now I can catch up on our time with Jadelyn and since.

We’ve been coming to Colorado on vacations since our kids were very small, but back then we couldn’t afford all the tourist attractions. We did the gift shops, mostly as window shoppers, and hiked a lot. Now that we don’t have the expenses of a house and children, we’re a lot more likely to take the grandkids to places we’ve just driven or walked by. This year, we took Jadelyn on the Molly Kathleen mine tour near Cripple Creek. Other than the ride down 1000 feet in a wire cage elevator, I think she enjoyed it.

IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6322

Years ago, they told us that when gold got up to $100 an ounce, it would be profitable to mine and the tours would probably end. Well, gold is more than $1300 per ounce and it still hasn’t happened, so I’m thinking tourism is pretty profitable in itself!

The day we were in Cripple Creek, Hells Angels were congregating there. On the way into town, we saw a group from New York surrounded by police and sheriff cars and as we turned onto the main street, there were bikes everywhere. The other side of the street looked the same and the parking garages were filled, as well.


We didn’t tangle with any of them. I guess they probably were more interested in casinos than the 2-mile high ice cream cone shop.

Since Jadelyn was on a swim team this summer, we took advantage of the camp pool almost every day for her to swim laps so she wouldn’t get behind on her training. Amazing, though, in the pool she just looks like a head!


Our favorite place to go out to eat here is McGinty’s in Divide. Two years ago, we took the three grandkids who were with us there for their woodfired pizza, so Jadelyn had instructions from Bailey to eat pizza for her. This was all that was left when we remembered to take a picture. Yum!


The senior volunteers at camp had been looking for elk all summer and no one had seen any. After we finished our pizza, we drove south of town and just over the hill we saw this group grazing. I think there were about three dozen in all.


Two years ago when Tim and Heidi came to pick up Ben, Bailey and Jadelyn, they all climbed the 40′ climbing wall to ride the 900′ zip line. This year, since Jadelyn was just recovering from a broken foot, we decided the 400′ was probably a better choice. She and LeRoy still had to climb the tree to get to the nest but it was much less of a climb. Our team, Brent and Bryan Stone and Taylor Rodriguez, did a great job of instructing and encouraging, both on the ground and on the climb.


IMG_6338 IMG_6344

IMG_6349 IMG_6350

Notice that none of the pictures are of me. I think I might be able to zip if I didn’t have to climb to get there, but I’m content to take pictures from the ground.

The trip to Nebraska was uneventful. Google Maps told me that the fastest way was to go was through Denver but I chose to avoid that. Jadelyn made a pretty good navigator since the route we chose was one I’d never taken and my phone decided not to talk to us for the majority of the trip. Heidi and Tim, Ben and Bailey, came for Cait and Jeremy’s wedding on Saturday evening and took Jadelyn home, so I drove back on Sunday by myself. I tried a slightly modified route with a lot less turns and highway changes and got home just in time for a pot luck meal that the senior volunteers provided for the summer staff. We had one uninvited guest, as well.


This past week we visited one of LeRoy’s high school friends who lives less than an hour from us in the mountains. Dean Wilson and his wife have a beautiful home in a great setting and we had a great time visiting. We’re hoping to see them again before we leave in a few weeks.

One of the things that has been good for us this summer is the forced exercised. Well, it’s only forced if we choose to eat at the lodge and even then we could drive if necessary. Living in a 40′ bus, it’s easy to be sedentary so any encouragement is good. I’ve increased by step goal from 7000 per day at the beginning of the summer to 9000 this weekend. That doesn’t mean I meet it every day but at least I’m trying. Cleaning bathrooms and hanging welcome signs on the various campsites helps!

The summer staff is gone now and the senior volunteer ranks are thinning, too. Three more weeks and we’ll be on to new challenges.

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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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  1. Wendy says:

    Hard to believe you’re almost done, seems like we were just there! And McGinty’s…yum!

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