Whirlwind week!

I must say, even though we are full time RVers, I’m thankful that we are not full time travelers. Since May 9, we have traveled 3121 miles in the bus and the only days we were sitting still were in Augusta visiting Rob and Shelly. Other than that, every day was on the road. We are so used to traveling leisurely to a destination, taking our time and stopping wherever we want for as long as we want, that it seems really stressful to have a schedule and a deadline. We left Atlanta on the 29th of May knowing that we had to be at Divide, CO on June 2. We packed in as much visiting as possible along the way, though.

As we were traveling through Arkansas on Monday last week, we met up with our friends Phil and Patsy Cox in Ozark. They came to pick us up for lunch and we were thrilled to see that Phil’s mother Florence was with them. Florence and her husband Joe were pastors at the little country church we attended in northern Kansas when our kids were little. It was so good to see her again as it had been several years since we had. We ate at a unique little place called Kelts in Altus, AR and our food had a distinctly British flavor. Mine was bangers (pork sausages on a roll with grilled onions) and chips (french fries). Our waiter, the owner, was the only one there that day so he brought us our water, took our orders, cooked the food and served us. Fortunately for him, we were the only customers at the time or he would have found himself chasing his tail.

Florence Cox

We spent that night near Wagoner, OK with Bob and Sandi Gilbert. They have recently built a new house that is part of their bus barn and it is beautiful, inside and out. The cabinets are hickory and the counters are granite. I loved it.

Tuesday was the only day we ran into rain, I think, since in early May and even that was pretty brief. That day’s travels brought us back into familiar territory so I didn’t have to navigate as carefully. We drove across through Bartlesville to Ponca City, past beautiful green ranch country. For any Pioneer Woman fans, we drove right by the Drummond Ranch!

Since we were going right past, we stopped for the night at our Landing near Sedgwick and had dinner with Heidi and family. There has been an abundance of rain in the Wichita area in the past few weeks and Wednesday morning when LeRoy backed the bus around to get ready to hook the car up, he got off into the grass and I thought for a while we might be staying a while. Did you know you can rock a bus back and forth just like you can a car when it gets stuck? We’ll deal with the ruts in the fall!


Two days later, we pulled into the parking lot at Golden Bell Camp and Retreat Center to get our parking assignment in the RV park and now we are parked, plugged in and level, with a spectacular view of Pikes Peak just around the corner.


We will begin our camp hosting duties tomorrow. This year we will be working three days and then off for three days, so we will have more free time. We love meeting the other volunteers and the college summer staff and tonight all of us participated in a progressive dinner with a salad course, a baked potato bar, prime rib, Chinese pot stickers and banana boats cooked in the embers under the logs in the lodge fireplace. Everything was yummy!

The whirlwind is over for now and the summer activity is just winding up. Camps begin this week, so the peace and calm of the RV park will be a drastic contrast to the sounds of children and young people around the rest of camp. Just what we need for now!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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