Scarlett Walter

Just like Scarlett O’Hara (or maybe it was the Carol Burnett version) she saw it in the window and just couldn’t resist!


In case you don’t recognize Florence Marie’s elegant “gown”, it is the burnt orange velveteen curtain that used to hang between the driver’s compartment and the dinette in her motor home. Last spring, LeRoy successfully recarpeted most of the motor home in grey, but the dinette cushions and all the curtains were still evidence of their 1984 beginnings. This week, Florence Marie and I dug out our sewing machines and started the project of replacement. Just as a reminder, before…


and after!


This part was Florence Marie’s project and mine was new curtains for the windshield.


Fabric for the long curtain behind the front seats has yet to be purchased but maybe within the next week we’ll have another update.

There has been a leak around the toilet in her motorhome off and on since she moved in last year. LeRoy has put in new seals and everything else he could think of, but this year the leak is still present and the seals are no longer made, so a new toilet was in order. If that doesn’t fix the problem, I’m not sure what comes next and I don’t think LeRoy is, either.

The Vizio TV we bought last summer failed just over a week ago and since it was under warranty, we contacted Vizio and I’m here to tell you, their customer service is speedy. Their first question was “Do you still have the original packaging?” Well, no and even if we did, it would still be in Kansas. Their course of action was to send us a replacement box and a return label, which arrived while we were gone to Texas last week. We packed up the TV and took it to the UPS store late Monday afternoon. The replacement arrived Friday! And then the fun began. The new Sharp that we bought when the Vizio quit was working great in the bedroom but we decided to move it to the front to take the place of the TV we had moved from our house in Wichita in 2010. The old one was bulkier and had less definition than the new one, with the same size screen. Both were working great in their respective places. (Remember that point.)

LeRoy decided that he wanted a different mount for the front one, something that could be locked down easily. He pulled down the other TV and after we took a picture of the cabling, unplugged it. The new mount went up and the new TV went on it. That’s when the fun really began. All the cords behind the surround sound console are twisted and barely long enough to reach, so plugging it back was tedious but eventually it was done…except that now the DirecTV remote didn’t work! Oh well, we grew up walking to the TV to change channels so we shouldn’t complain, except we didn’t have hundreds of channels to choose from then. HGTV is on channel 229 and all the locals are below 15! (Another call to DirecTV has now provided a simple solution for that problem and we are up and running, ready for the Super Bowl commericials!)



One of the reasons we have chosen to park where we are is that LeRoy helps with handyman projects for the church and I help with computer questions on the accounting spreadsheets. This week we both had something to do. LeRoy helped tear out the wall between the old offices to make way for the new youth room and moved the office furniture into the old youth room. A bit of new paint adds a real POP of color!


We’ve heard from the newlyweds and they made it to Georgia. They won’t be able to close on their new home until the end of this month but at least they are in Augusta even though they are “camping out” at a motel in the meantime.

We’re loving watching the birds this year. No hummingbirds yet but a very persistent woodpecker hangs from the feeder and pecks on the opening. The finch feeder gets a lot more attention. We had house finches in Kansas and here we have a few of those, too, but mostly little yellow green ones, almost as bright as parakeets. I’m not sure of their name but we like seeing them fight for position.

The warm weather is back and we’re hoping maybe the last overnight freeze of the season is in the past. LeRoy has been back in shorts since daytime highs hit the low 60s but I’m just planning to break out the capris and sandals this week. Come see us and we’ll share the warmth!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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