Traveling days

After we left Quartzsite, we headed towards Yuma for more friends and family visits. Even after LeRoy’s cousin Beverly passed away, we accepted her husband Brian Reeve as family and now that he has remarried, we’ve added his wife Joyce. A year ago when they came back to Yuma for the winter, they replaced the old house on their lot with a nice new one and they still have enough room on their property for Liberty to park for a few days. We enjoyed their company and hospitality very much, even when they beat us at cards.

Having a good “home base” allows us to come and go while we are there. Florence Marie has friends who winter in Yuma, so she even had someone to visit with while we were in the area. This year we found the winter home of the Nevada Saddle Company, run by Matt Plumlee and Carolee. I told them that every time I go past a leather shop and smell the wonderful smell of leather, I think of them. I had seen their work in pictures but never up close and personal. They work together making high dollar custom saddles and they do beautiful work. They make a good team!

saddle 3

saddle 2


Los Algodones, Mexico is just across the border from Yuma and the entire tourist area of the town seems to be taken up with pharmacies, optometrists and dentists. A high percentage of the medical personnel were trained in the US and we’ve never heard a complaint from any of our friends who go there for services. We have been getting glasses there for several years. The eye exam is free and we can get two pair of glasses for the price of one back home. Usually we only get one pair each but this year I got two pair with progressive bifocals and transitions lenses. LeRoy got one regular pair with both things and one pair of sunglasses, also with progressive bifocals. For a number of years, I’ve worn pretty small lenses in red or purple frames. By contrast, the new blue ones are bigger and look pretty sedate until you see the inside.


glasses inside

We also buy low cost medicines there, mostly over the counter type but some prescription drugs that our insurance policy doesn’t cover. Done for another year!

In addition to medical services, Los Algodones has the requisite tourist shops with leather goods, hats, jewelry and tee shirts. One thing observant people learn about LeRoy and me early is that we usually wear the same shirts when we are casually dressed. This year, we added Florence Marie to the mix and we all got new tee shirts. They say Algodones at the bottom but we didn’t get that part in the selfie.

three amigos

We made one last stop at mile marker 67 on I-8 on the way back to Tucson for date shakes at Dateland. That’s kind of an annual ritual and it’s a good thing. Date shakes are marvelous but not particularly figure friendly. Oh well, it’s just once a year!

This week we will be leaving Liberty behind and driving to San Angelo, TX to see son Robert marry his fiancee Shelly. It looks like we may see our daughter Heidi and son-in-law Tim and most if not all our grandkids there. Exciting times!


About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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