Quartzsite 2016

We’ve had a wonderful time in Quartzsite this week, regardless of a later start than we planned. Liberty had a little starting problem when we were ready to go on Wednesday, so after a new starter, we left Tucson mid-afternoon. Rather than try to park among the buses in the dark, we chose to spend the night in Gila Bend and come on in Thursday morning. Turns out, lots of other people had similar plans because there was a steady stream of Eagles, GMs and MCIs all afternoon. This is the biggest Eagle rally in Quartzsite we’ve attended. I think we counted 22 at one point, and the GMs and Bus Nuts had at least as many or more.

bridge photo

My pictures are more or less random. I do have a few Eagles in the mix but some of the others are too cool to miss.



This next one is probably the oldest one we saw, a 1946 city transit bus. It looks pretty good for it’s age, and I speak from uh…general  knowledge!





Bus Conversion Magazine had a big presence here, as you might expect. We picked up back issues with cover photos of several of our friends’ buses along with several copies of the print issue that featured our bus. Gary Hatt even told us we could write another article that covers the changes we’ve made to Liberty since her centerfold days and I’ll try to get to that this weekend yet.


In addition to our rallies, the area just next to us was home to a Toyota RV Rally. They kind of look like toys next to our big rigs!

One of the things that always amazes us in Quartzsite is the number of RVs of all sizes, shapes and varieties that are for sale here, both new and used. La Mesa RV has dealerships across Arizona but during this time in the winter, they also set up shop in Quartzsite in a big way. We enjoy looking at these magnificent new rigs, the class C motorhomes


and the class A motorhomes for just a little more!



A quick walkthrough makes me think that the slideouts would be nice, but then we open a door that feels somewhat flimsy or an RV type refrigerator that takes up lots more space than mine but with about the same capacity, and I think I’m blessed to be living in Liberty! But of course, I may be just a bit prejudiced.

We visited the Big Tent Sports, Vacation and TV show as always and this year we dragged Florence Marie along with us. LeRoy dropped us off about as close to the show as possible and by the time we made our way through all the aisles, past all the vendors and back to the car, we had walked just short of a mile. I think we wore her out and the tent wasn’t even packed with customers like it had been in the morning. We weren’t big purchasers this year. Maybe if we had dogs? It seems that about every fourth or fifth booth has pet clothing or pet carriers or shirts proclaiming how much the wearer loves their dog or cat. We’ve seen dogs on leashes, dogs in strollers, dogs in wagons, dogs in purses and dogs being carried in body slings but this year we saw a first. I looked up to see a man in a leather biker’s jacket carrying his CAT in a child-type front carrier! Now I may have seen it all.

The food variety around the outside of the tent or among the booths in Tyson Wells swap meet reminds us of a state fair, with potato tornadoes and funnel cakes and deep fried cheese curds. Probably one of our favorites is the “pop-johnny” homemade ice cream. That day there was a very small sign that indicated the machine was running for demonstration purposes only, so it’s anyone’s guess where they got their ice cream!


Saying goodbye is always hard as the buses pull out and the crowd starts to dwindle. Some of these folks we only see once every year or two, so our times together are lots of fun. We’ll look up other friends in Yuma this week before making our way back to Tucson. See you all down the road!



About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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