Kansas in August

Our usual summer includes Colorado, but this has been an unusual summer so far. When we said that we were parking here in Kansas for most of the summer, our son asked us if we had forgotten how hot and humid it gets here in July and August. No, we hadn’t forgotten but if we had, we remember now! We commented today when we walked outside after the rain that it felt like Memphis, high heat and humidity and not a breeze to be had. Our time in Alaska in June and Wisconsin in July were the only respite we are likely to have since we are trying to get a rental house ready to sell. You can be a landlord at a distance, but you can’t remodel at a distance, even if you hire things done. Let me go back to Wisconsin for a little while, if only as I write.

Wisconsin scenery was spectacular. One place in particular was Cave Point State Park. A local told us we should be sure to see it and we went there on the way back after buying cheese. It was an overcast afternoon and the water of Lake Michigan looked grey and forbidding from the point above.


Several young folks jumped in from this point far above the water while we were there and some who climbed out earlier said “Well, it wasn’t as cold as Lake Superior!” but it looked plenty cool to me.

The lake side of the peninsula, we were told, doesn’t really have sunsets but the bay side is another story. One evening we went to Ephraim for ice cream at Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor and then walked across the street to wait for the sunset. I never seem to get good sunset pictures, but it was really beautiful.

2015-07-23 20.21.23

Our hosts for the Eagles rally had made a couple of cornhole games for us to play as we spent lazy time around the breakfast area or the campfire. Our grandkids hadn’t heard to cornhole until we read about it in a book on the way to the rally. At first they thought it was a made up game, but they soon found out otherwise.


2015-07-25 07.07.202015-07-25 07.06.40

Food always features prominantly at an Eagles rally and breakfast, usually doughnuts and coffee, is ready early. Our hosts provided other choices besides pastries, but even the teenagers got out of bed for doughnuts!

2015-07-25 07.07.03

Our last morning, breakfast was omelets-in-a-bag. The eggs were stirred together and added to a zip type bag, along with toppings of your choice: ham, peppers, onions, etc. The bag was zipped and tossed into boiling water to cook. The resulting omelet was then turned out onto a plate and we ate delicious food of our own choosing. Yum!

2015-07-25 07.07.49

The rally ended on Saturday night but we had decided to stay an extra day to explore on our own a bit more. Our hosts were also staying, so after we saw all the other Eagles off, we drove with them to pick cherries. Not many of the growers still allow you to pick your own, probably because some people eat as many tart cherries as they put in their pail. Due to the laxative effect that could have, though, restraint is probably a virtue! The trees were loaded and the four of us picked about 80 pounds of cherries just off of the first two or three trees we came to and there were still lots left.

2015-07-26 11.51.20

We had cherry brats for lunch at the Woods Market. That was interesting, eating essentially a sausage with cherries in it. After we got back to the RV park, we conveniently had other things to attend to while Dennis and Renae took care of the cherries. They also had several quarts pitted and ready for freezing. They are ambitious people!

2015-07-26 19.26.55

In the time since we’ve been back, LeRoy has taken the generator out (AGAIN!) and discovered that the radiator has a leak. Apparently that’s what caused it to overheat and leave us without air conditioning the whole last day of the trip. That’s at the radiator shop now and we should be able to pick it up this week, I think. We’ve also spent some time trying to encourage the painter at our rental to get finished with a job that should have been finished by the time we got home. Still hasn’t happened but we hope very soon.

This week we’ll spend lots of hours doing our share toward getting that rental house on the market. Finishing touches inside and out include cleaning paint off windows and reinstalling the storm windows and picking out flooring for the whole house. We’ll be glad when this property is no longer ours!

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Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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