June 10

Wasilla, Alaska is about 45 minutes to an hour north of Anchorage and has attractions of its own. First of all, we stayed in a world class “bed and breakfast” and were greeted by two of the sweetest kitties imaginable.

2015-06-11 08.51.06 2015-06-11 08.50.52

Andi and Scott have a lovely home and really took care of us. We were also fed like royalty. One night we ate moose roast, along with potatoes and carrots and another we had grilled salmon.
Both Andi and Scott are still working, so we were on our own with the use of Andi’s car and instructions to get to points of interest. Our first stop on Wednesday was the Alaska Transportation museum. Talk about planes, trains and automobiles! History up close and personal is always fun.


We’ve visited lots of car museums and car shows, but back in Kansas you just don’t see dog sleds in a place like that!


And even if you did, you’d never see one like this.


Flying is a necessary means of transportation in Alaska. Lots of places in that huge state can only be reached by air or by foot and flying is a life and death matter. (Even the state capital, Juneau, is only accessible by air or water.) The walls were lined with personal stories of pilots who had flown in Alaska, including many who lost their lives doing just that.


If you aren’t interested in flying, maybe a trip by watercraft is in order.


Or in case you are totally snowed or iced in, try this.


Outside we followed the history of the railroad in Alaska.


We also visited the Iditarod headquarters that day and I got to hold a sled dog puppy. I guess I thought the dogs would be Huskies or Malamutes but this one was not. The attendant said it’s a mixed breed, Heinz 57. I understand there have even been sleds pulled by poodles, and not standards, either!

2015-06-10 12.19.05
Andi was off work at noon and after lunch at one of the oldest buildings in Wasilla,

2015-06-10 13.06.28 2015-06-10 13.05.41

she took us for a drive up to Hatcher Pass and would have checked out the old mine there but it was not open. On the way, though, we were treated to spectacular scenery even though the clouds and rain kept us from seeing clear into the valley toward Anchorage.

IMG_5522 IMG_5526 On the way back home, we stopped for a tour at the musk ox farm. Musk oxen are unique animals and you could tell that our tour guide really has become familiar with their individual personalities. We really enjoyed our visit there. Some were satisfied seeing their visitors at a distance

2015-06-10 16.05.57

while others came to meet us personally.

2015-06-10 16.10.07

I could bore everyone to death with all the information about the qivuit, their under hair that is spun into yarn and made into garments and shawls, but Google can be your friend and tell you everything you want to know and only what you want to know!

Andi and Scott’s daughter Becca and her husband Luke are avid outdoorsmen and hunters. The meat we ate was all from their personal hunts. They came home from a backpacking trip on which they found a very old suspension footbridge which they had never seen. While they were crossing, a bear got into their stowed belongings and tore up their inflatable pack raft! Their home shows a wealth of Alaskan wildlife, trophies from their hunts, and these pictures don’t even include the bear in the bedroom.

2015-06-10 20.24.51 2015-06-10 20.24.59 2015-06-10 21.07.262015-06-10 20.25.16
Alaska is truly the Land of the Midnight Sun. It is difficult to know what time it is, especially when you are having a good time, because it always seems to be broad daylight. The night we visited Becca and Luke, I suddenly noticed that it was nearly 11 pm and we were still watching their videos! As a result of the long days, one of the staples at every souvenir shop is sleep masks.

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