Other plans

Apparently God (and Delta) had other plans for our trip. Our early morning flight was canceled and we were rebooked on a late afternoon flight, so we didn’t have to wake up at 4 a.m. after all. Instead of arriving about noon Anchorage time, we will arrive after midnight. Flexible like Gumby, LeRoy always says, so we can’t grumble too much! We’re all packed and ready to head out after a late lunch. Adventure awaits!

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2 Responses to Other plans

  1. Mary Jo Kurtz says:

    He had other plans for us, too! We found out at about 4:00 that our 8:00 p.m. flight had been canceled so we are staying all night in Chicago again and will try again tomorrow! Quentin’s flight was to have gone out about the same time for KC and has been delayed twice since he got to the airport. Present plans are for take-off at 10:55. Wishing you a happy and safe trip to Alaska. Say “hi” to Andi and Scott for us.

    Love, Mary Jo and Ray

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  2. 2010liberty says:

    We finally arrived at about 1:20. Andi should be here to pick us up in another hour or so.

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