Settling in at Golden Bell

Recently someone posted on an RV site on Facebook that no one ever posts pictures of big rigs in a wooded campground. According to that logic, most 40′ rigs apparently spend more time in typical RV parks and leave the forest camps to pop-ups and travel trailers. But, since we are anything but your average RVers, I thought I’d show you our summer home.

Liberty at Golden Bell

We’re beginning to develop a routine for our days here at Golden Bell RV park, mostly centered around our tasks as campground hosts. We’re responsible for putting out welcome signs on the sites before new occupants arrive, cleaning the bathrooms each day and taking trash from the trash cans to the dumpster at the lodge each evening. That’s the primary use of the two-seater “mule” parked between the car and Liberty, although LeRoy also stockpiles wood for use in the fire rings at each campsite. So you can see we aren’t usually overtaxed except when lots of new arrivals are expected or when they leave and fill the trash cans to overflowing. This organization, like a few we’ve been associated with over the years, has unique communication challenges that we’re learning to get around. Campers as a whole seem pretty self sufficient and don’t feel any need to check in with the host, no matter what the signs say. As a result, we find people set up in sites other than the one to which they were assigned and so far no one else was expected in the one they chose! Other volunteers here in the park have been coming for numerous years and they provide a wealth of information for us.

The most interesting denizens of the park so far are the deer which seem to think we’re all here for their convenience. One of the other volunteers feeds them morning and night so we have a fairly steady stream. We certainly don’t seem to pose any threat to them!

Golden Bell campground 005


Another focus around which our day rotates is our meals. It’s nice to have someone else doing the cooking but I’m learning to steer clear of the fresh breads and yummy looking pancakes. Several days this past week, the summer staffers were gone on a retreat so we didn’t have meals in the dining hall. One evening we shared gumbo, salad and dessert with the other volunteers and tonight we’re looking forward to homemade ice cream with the same crew. We do try to walk to and from meals when it isn’t raining so we at least get a little exercise in each day and the volunteer coordinator assures us that he’ll make us a schedule of days off “soon”, so we’ll probably have time to go on some of our favorite hikes here in Teller County.

This morning we attended the Nazarene church in Woodland Park, as did most of the volunteers and summer staff from Golden Bell. We used to park right across the street from the church at Bristlecone RV Park, so we felt right at home coming back. This is the first time we’ve driven to that church, though, since we used to just walk across the street to attend.

Rain and hail have been a pretty common occurrence this week but we’re hoping for warmed temps in days to come.


About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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