Yuma sidetrip

I probably should have called this post Surfing, Desert Style. The new gravel for the yard in Yuma provided a new opportunity for LeRoy to show off his surfer/skiing prowess.

Yuma 003


While the guys had all the fun, Beverly and I plied rakes to help cover the sparser areas. It’s still thicker in some spots than others, but there is more gravel to come for the drive and landscaped areas.

We needed some medicines replenished, so we spent Tuesday morning in Los Algodones, Mexico. Not to be political, but just before we entered Mexico, we saw this sign and I thought, “How is that working for them?” According to our leaders, that should make Mexico about the safest place around!

Yuma 010

It’s fun listening to the hawkers on the street, handing out cards and telling why their pharmacy/dentist/optometrist is the best. My favorite phrase? “Almost FREE!” Two of the three meds we went after were not available so of course we had to go looking for something else to buy. I succeeded in finding a small wallet and after dickering and starting to leave, I got it for a fair price. The one thing about shopping in Mexico of which I’m not so fond is that you can’t just browse. The clerks will keep bringing you something else to add to your stash. I did buy a pair of red coral and silver earrings. I didn’t even argue with the man about the price. I just kept quiet and he dropped the price to about half what he started with. I have a pair that I bought in Albuquerque and I paid more than his original price for them.

Our friends Wilbur and Laura Bradbury spend their winters in Yuma, so we went with them to see the property they are buying. It is a large lot with a metal RV shelter and room to build a small house if they should want it. We introduced them to Brian and Bev. since the guys had both been truck drivers in a previous life and were from Washington, too, before Bev lured Brian to Alaska. We christened the newly purchased grill and shared barbecued ribs with both of those couples and Terry and Charlotte, Bev’s next door neighbors. The Yuma weather was gorgeous. We ate on the patio and soaked in the welcome warmth.

Yesterday, we met up with Ed Frey, a man we met our first winter out. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel gave us time to catch up with him and then we met friends of our daughter Heidi’s for coffee before heading Liberty toward Tucson. Winter visitors in Arizona are such fun people!

The main event on the trip back was a stop at Dateland. It’s a neat setting in the middle of the dessert with both citrus and date palms.

Yuma 023

Yuma 025

The only thing I knew about dates as a kid was that Mother made date pudding with them and the best thing about that was the whipped cream topping. We enjoyed half a dozen different varieties of shakes before sharing a date shake. Few milkshakes are worth the calories in my book, but this is a real exception.

And now we’re back in Desert Trails, S2, listening to rain on the roof, a real treat in Arizona as in most of the country these days. More welcome rain is predicted for days to come. I hope you’re getting needed moisture wherever you are!


About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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