Wild Willis weekend

We’ve had a wonderful, busy weekend with family. Everyone but Alma, our granddaughter from Atlanta, were here for our oldest granddaughter Jordan’s graduation from Wichita State University. Since our Oklahoma granddaughter Katrina and our son Robert from Tennessee were both here, we had our Christmas gathering with them on Saturday night. Dinner that evening was anything but traditional Christmas fare–pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, cheesy potatoes sound more like a summer barbecue meal. But the sounds of Christmas presents being opened made it much more traditional.

Each year while we’re away, we save all our change. Quarters are used for laundry and the dimes, nickels and pennies go in a jar in the kitchen. Just before Christmas, we cash in the change in the jar and give the money to the three youngest grandchildren so they will be able to buy their own gifts for their parents and their siblings. Last week, we picked them up after school and took them shopping. What a hoot! Uncle Robert has tatoos, so they bought him stick-on glittery pink ones in case he wants to bring out his feminine side. Sister Katrina’s least favorite color is pink, so of course a pink purse with her name on the side was in order. The rest of the family gifts are waiting for Christmas eve when the remaining Kansas family gets together.

Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 004

Before, during and after all of this, though, the scene was more like today’s average family.

Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 002 Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 003


LeRoy says since I got my iPhone, that’s about all he sees of me, too!

Sunday we had the whole bunch at Northridge Friends church with us. Jordan brought two friends from Illinois who were here for graduation and together we nearly filled a pew. What a blessing to sing praise and worship our Lord together as a family! We felt truly blest.

Jordan’s graduation was held in the gymnasium facility at Wichita State, so we had the advantage of the jumbotron for close up pictures. Good thing, since we were up in the cheap seats!

Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 008 Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 015 Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 016


Jordan had invited us all to meet her at a restaurant for dinner and we had a great time visiting and eating too much. Ben may be only 12, but he made his way around this whole plate of ribs and fries (with maybe a few fries snitched by those around). He already looks me level in the eyes and I fully believe when we get back in the spring, I’ll be looking WAY up!

Graduation weekend, Katrina & Rob 023


More festivities are planned this week along with a possible road trip in the car, so I’ll keep you posted!




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