Eventful week in Colorado

The fire I wrote about last is still burning, as are several others across Colorado and the surrounding states. Human tragedy occurred in Colorado Springs this week as hundreds of residences were burned and at least two people lost their lives. We have been praying for all those who are still displaced, some whose homes were lost and others whose property survived but they haven’t yet been allowed in to see the extent of damage. If nothing else, lots of families will need new refrigerators and freezers since utilities have been shut off in evacuated areas for most of a week now. Imagine all the rotten food!

Woodland Park was a mixture of mandatory, voluntary and standby evacuation on Tuesday morning, so we decided to go ahead and leave before we were ordered to do so. Up the road in Divide, we parked in a triangle between two roads at an intersection to wait and see what was going to happen. Late in the afternoon, a nice young woman stopped by to say that she lived on a large piece of property just over the hill and we were welcome to park on her land for the night so we took her up on her offer.

Was it level? Well, not so much but we didn’t slide out the foot of the bed. Look at the cords on the mini blinds.

The woman about fell over when she read our card. Her name is Lacy ANNE WILLIS! And her dad’s name is LeRoy! Guess it was just meant to be. Between her boys and the two who were visiting, we amused 4 little boys for quite a while. Each of them had to try out the bathroom just because they could. Everything was fascinating to the little one, who told me he didn’t like my car, only the top of it.

The little bear in a bee costume was my mother’s. It has a propeller on which words appear as it spins, I love you and Bee Mine. I know Mother would be pleased that it is still entertaining children.

On Wednesday morning, we drove the car on west to see if we could find another place to park, preferably with hookups. In Lake George we found a small RV park with just one spot left big enough for our Liberty, so we went back and got her. The price is right and we decided whether or not evacuation orders were lifted in Woodland Park (which they have been) we would just stay here until the end of July.

You’d never know by looking at this picture but LeRoy had to parallel park Liberty between two other rigs. And you thought you had trouble parallel parking your CAR! He just zipped it right in there and it was even level!

For Father’s Day, I gave LeRoy a new Weber Q100 grill. Lowe’s had the best price but didn’t stock the item, so we ordered online for store delivery since they didn’t offer home shipping. No problem, we thought. It’s only a half hour drive from Woodland Park to Colorado Springs on highway 24. We thought it would arrive on July 5 and we were planning on that, but we got a call Thursday that it was in already and the Lowe’s store was on standby evacuation for the fire. So on Friday, we had a beautiful (but looooong) drive into Colorado Springs. Since Highway 24 was now closed, we had to take the detour up north out of Woodland Park. Had no idea we’d end up almost in Denver!  Overall, it was a nearly 300 mile round trip and we discovered at least 2 ways we didn’t want to have to leave here in Liberty, too steep, too curvy, etc. Fortunately, we found out today that Highway 24 is now reopened to the public so we won’t have to take an alternate route after all.

We’ll be celebrating our country’s independence on Wednesday in Buena Vista with LeRoy’s cousins. Keep safe and cool and we’ll tell you about it later! Keep our country FREE!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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2 Responses to Eventful week in Colorado

  1. Joe Renfro says:

    The annual burro races, Get Your A** Up the Pass, in Fairplay should be looked into if you are still in the area. I believe the festival is in late July.

  2. Peggy Miller says:

    Oh Anne…a smile came to my face when I saw the bee. You are right, Winifred would be so happy to know that a little kid enjoyed it still! So glad that you are safe my dear friends. Take care and perhaps will see you again soon. Peggy

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