The flag is flying on the acre, a good indication that Liberty is in residence.

And although our space may be small inside, we have plenty of outdoor space for company and we love having visitors. This past week has been lots of fun. Our friends Wayne and Lin Schell from Colorado delivered Liberty’s new radiator last Wednesday and spent the night in their beautiful Eagle bus conversion (with matching jeep) in the driveway. LeRoy had purchased the radiator from a bus nut in South Carolina. He brought it to an Eagles rally in Nashville, where Schells picked it up for us.

Since we’re in the vicinity, I’ve helped taxi grandkids to doctor’s appointments a couple of times and we’re looking forward to taking care of the youngest a couple of days while the older ones are at church camp. We’re also taking in all the graduation celebrations of our local friends. Anytime there’s a party, you can be fairly sure we’ll be there!

Even before we moved out of our house and into our first bus, we tapped into other RVers’ expertise on various forums online. We found our PT Cruiser on the Escapees site a year ago and we sold the Jeep on that same site. Recently we had been talking about replacing our living room chair and LeRoy found a Euro recliner on Escapees and had been in touch with a full-time couple who had one for sale. The price was right and we found out that they were on their way from Texas to Kansas City this weekend. Derrick and Shelli Paine are originally from New York and although they’re 15 or more years our junior they have been on the road a year longer than we have. They showed up last evening in their gorgeous coach to deliver the chair. Their tow’d is unusual…it’s actually registered as a motorhome as well!

The new addition to the living room fits right in and is actually a little smaller in outside dimensions than the previous one. This one is a recliner, so we don’t have an ottoman taking up extra space, as well.

Ignore the grumpy looking woman in the chair, please. My iPhone seemed to be taking lots of attention at the time LeRoy snapped the picture. Since we sold the dinette table and chairs that came in the bus at our last garage sale and purchased a small folding table and chairs, we’ve now changed out all the furniture in the bus since we bought it 2 years ago. Next improvement will be new wall coverings. We’ve been saying that for the last year but I think we’ve started moving in that direction. One of the inherent problems with buses, it seems, is that the plywood panels that make up the interior walls shift over time and cause cracks in the wall paper. LeRoy thinks he has come up with a solution, so at least we’re progressing.

I’m headed out for a walk on the country roads to enjoy the warm weather. Go and do likewise!

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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