We’re still here

Liberty is still in her building in Kansas, but we’re itching to move. Well, LeRoy more than I, maybe, but it’s about time. We’ve had a freeze here and several days in the 50s and warmer weather beckons. (I have a very narrow temperature tolerance!)

We left Rob’s home in Tennessee two weeks ago tomorrow and took our time driving back to Kansas.

We drove back across Missouri by way of Springfield instead of  St. Louis so we could stop at Colaw’s RV Parts and Salvage near Carthage, any RVer’s wonderland. Last spring we bought our driver and passenger seats and this time we scored again! The seats were out of a wrecked and salvaged RV but our new couch is brand new. It has grandkid approval and we love it.

It happened to be lunch time just as we were coming through Sikeston, MO so we decided to stop at the famous Lambert’s Cafe, the home of the throwed rolls. If you’ve never eaten there, it is an experience! You wouldn’t go away hungry if you only ordered a glass of iced tea! Even before we had ordered, the roll guy came around and “throwed” us a roll. I was so pleased that I didn’t drop mine, but it doesn’t seem to matter if you do. They’ll just throw you another. Wait staff came past with huge bowls of fried okra, fried potatoes and macaroni and tomatoes as well as containers of apple butter and the stiffest molasses I’ve ever eaten. Gave new meaning to the phrase “slow as molasses”. I was full long before my plate was half empty. It goes against my grain to leave food but since taking a doggie bag would have been useless on a road trip with no refrigeration, I left it there. All the walls are decorated with auto license plates and make for interesting reading.

I attended a Christian concert last week at a large Christian church in Wichita. Chris Tomlin, a songwriter and musician whose music I love, and Louie Giglio, a speaker who has a deeper knowledge of stars, galaxies and other stellar grandeur than anyone I’ve ever heard, gave us a great evening of worship. My friend Shannon Buller asked me to go with her and I’m so thankful.

I mentioned the grandkids earlier. We’ve seen quite a bit of them this week while they were on fall break. School got out early on Thursday and I picked them up and brought them home with me. They spent the afternoon on homework and helping Papa outside. We tried to have a garage sale all day Friday and Saturday morning but didn’t have half a dozen customers the whole time. The girls and I played Uno during the down time, though, so it wasn’t all wasted time.

The space that used to be the old garage here makes a great place for a campfire and last evening Heidi and Tim brought the kids out for hotdogs.

And of course, we topped off the evening with s’mores.

After eating in our “living area” in the building (our old bus furniture makes a cozy sitting area), we came inside and I showed the kids that you don’t have to have a campfire to make s’mores. Marshmallows get REALLY big in a microwave!

The whole family joined us for church today and I got a couple of good photos of Heidi and Tim to go along with all the dozens we have of their children.

We only wish we were closer to Alma, our granddaughter in Atlanta, before she grows up entirely. At 13, she’ll soon be too old to have time for us in the summer and we will miss that week with her when it is gone. She’s running cross country this year for her middle school, but I don’t have any pictures to share.

Halloween is tomorrow and we’re subbing for Tim and Heidi at their church Trunk or Treat until they get off work, so I’m sure we’ll have more pictures to share from that.

About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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2 Responses to We’re still here

  1. You guys are having way too much fun! Colaws is a great place to score, as we have. We are leaving Paso Robles tomorrow morning heading to Fresno and points north.

    Safe travels where-ever you go!

    Becky and Paul

  2. Becky Funke says:

    We love to stop at the Lamberts in Ozark when we’re on the way to Branson! On one stop a couple of years ago, Jessica caught a dozen rolls—fortunately she shared the bounty around the table.

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