Colorado’s high country and on past Denver

Yesterday morning we were up by 6:30, and there really is morning at that time of day. Who knew? The owner of the Bristlecone Lodge and RV park where we’ve been staying for three weeks provided breakfast for anyone who wanted to drive the 80+ miles to Selkirk Campground north of Fairplay at Boreas Pass.

The beauty and variety of Colorado always amazes me. I just wish my camera could catch all the wonders my eye sees. There’s nothing much more amazing than looking out across a wide pastureland to see snow capped mountains on the other side.

I actually took a panorama of pictures but I think one will suffice. This one was taken just off of Highway 24 as we headed west. Along that road on the way home we saw some unusually large antelope right next to the road. That herd wasn’t very large but closer to the campground we saw a pretty large herd at more of a distance. You don’t see those in Wichita!

Breakfast was great. There’s nothing like bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes cooked on a camp stove. The smells just draw you in! The temperature was in the 40s when we got there and we all quickly discovered that we should have worn heavier coats! We sat around a smoky campfire under a jeans quilt and remembered earlier days camping in tents. Those long-ago visits were great memories, but I prefer solid sides on my “tent” these days…oh, and a good mattress!

One of the prominent features in this mountain country is snow fence, not just the temporary orange stuff that we see occasionally in more temperate climates, but permanent structures likes you see in this picture. Well, some of it looks more like home but the mountain in the background doesn’t.

This was the first time we had spent much time visiting with our fellow RV park residents and we really enjoyed it. I wish we could have done it earlier in our stay. We met one couple from Stillwater, OK who are next door neighbors to the man who was dean of the college when we lived in Tonkawa in the 1980s. The Powells really “bleed orange”, wearing OSU jackets and caps! LeRoy felt right at home. Many of these folks have been coming to the same campground for a long time and I’m sure we’ll see them again next year, since we’ve already put in reservations for summer 2012.

The next stop on our journey was a brief visit with a friend, about our kids’ age, who used to attend our church in Wichita and now lives in Castle Rock, CO. Cherylynn and Russ Hamm stopped by for a tour of Liberty and we had a very enjoyable time. We had never met Russ. They just had a brand new grandson yesterday! In their picture, they’re holding our new “passenger”, Beaker. You’ll be seeing more pictures of the places he visits as we travel.

We spent the night in the driveway of some Eagle bus friends, Wayne and Lynn Schell outside of Johnstown, plugged in to full hookups. Looking west from their house gives an interesting bit of scenery. Just beyond their house was a circle of irrigated corn and in the distance were snowy mountains.

Wayne’s bus barn is beyond belief. Their beautiful completed Eagle sits side by side with the one he has begun converting.

The new bus chassis is still “in progress”, obviously, but the engine, unlike our very well traveled one, only has 3 miles on it. After seeing their current bus and the house they lovingly built, I can hardly wait to see the new bus.

Lynn and Wayne have good taste in food, too. They took us out for dinner at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery and we each had a wonderful meal, followed by one “slice” of carrot cake that could have replaced the meals we had just eaten and still have left us full. Service was excellent, too.

We said our good-byes mid-morning and will see them again next week in Cody, WY.



About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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