Memorial Day in Kansas

I guess I just let out a long sigh and settled in last week, because blogging has been low on my priorities. We made it back through stormy weather to the acre we bought near Sedgwick, KS last winter, arriving Wednesday evening.

On the way from Tennessee, we spent one night in Mountain View, MO less than a week after the Joplin tornado and got to experience their talking storm alert system. The sirens went off after 4 a.m. and after the usual very loud tone, a computerized voice told us to go to shelter. The rain had come through several hours earlier and the moon was visible in the (dry) sky.  With the air brake system you have to build up a certain amount of air pressure in order to move, so LeRoy started the bus in case we had to move. He turned on his computer and started looking at radar while I called 911 to find out the closest location of a public shelter. The operator told me where we should go and that we could go there in the bus, but added that the storm was 15 miles away and headed away from us by that time. There were several RVs and trucks parked next to us and no one else had even turned on lights, so we decided to wait and see. In a few minutes, the voice in the sky came back and said  the emergency was over, all clear. So we shut off the bus and went back to bed! It was a good time for us to be sure we had an emergency plan, although I hope we never have to use it.

The next day we made a stop at an RV salvage shop in Carthage, MO. We have other Eagle bus friends who bought seats there and we were hoping to find furniture, as well. We did find a pair of matching seats for the driver and co-pilot but no sofa. Maybe later this summer. LeRoy mounted his as soon as we got settled on our acre but mine is a little more complicated. The other chair was an upholstered house chair and wasn’t bolted in place. This one is a true RV seat and will have to be. It will turn to face forward or toward the living area.

The property we bought will have a barn garage in a week or so. It was supposed to have been built before we got here but let’s just say it didn’t get done. The work trailer is here and some of the building material, trusses, etc. There was a double wide mobile home on a basement that burned sometime back and we’ll have to fill the basement. Right now it could double as a swimming pool!

LeRoy is in his element trimming brush and pulling old fence posts. We’re planning to have a large container brought in for all the brush and other junk around the property since we don’t have any way to haul it off.

The class of 1961 from Alton invited anyone who attended school with them to attend their class reunion on Saturday and since we were “in the neighborhood” (just 200 miles away) we drove up for it. Thanks to Facebook I know several of them better now than I did in high school! No one from my class was there but two from the class of 1962 and one from 1964 attended as well. It was great seeing them, especially the ones I hadn’t seen since graduation, and reminiscing about friends and teachers. Funny how we don’t all remember some things the same way!

The Sedgwick cemetery was all decked out in flags today in honor of Memorial Day. It was an inspiring sight.

Tonight we will be celebrating our personal veterans, LeRoy and our son-in-law Tim Pohlman, as well as our son Robert with a family cookout. Wish you could be here, Robert!



About 2010liberty

Retirement agrees with us! After traveling in our 40' Silver Eagle bus conversion, whose name was Liberty, since 2010, it was time for a change. Now we spend the winter in Yuma, AZ and travel during the spring, summer and fall setting the Pace!
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